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Dog days of pregnancy

Well, I hit the third trimester and now it just feels like things are dragging.

I badly want to nest, but instead have to prepare to move. Have been told that we “should” be getting in to the apartment that we applied for, but they haven’t had us sign a lease yet. Will feel much better about it when we have a lease and formal move-in date in hand. I am just dying to set up our baby’s “nursery corner” in our new master bedroom, but that’s over a month away from happening.

Acid reflux has been hitting me a lot more now. Yucky.

Saw my hot doctor today. He came in wearing scrubs and seemed in a hurry and distracted. Said he was basically expected to deliver a baby soon, so I guess that’s a good excuse, but still. I wanted to say, “Well, the schedule says your ass is mine for the next 30 minutes, so slow the hell down, will you?” He’s now officially on year 3 of his residency, so congratulations to him. We talked a little bit about my recent social stressors (i.e. my marriage), but not much. He asked me if I’ve ever turned to smoking or alcohol to cope with my stress, and I told him (truthfully) absolutely not.

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Reflections on the 2nd Trimester

I am now 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant, which means I am on the last day of my second trimester. I am also exactly three months from my due date (September 20th). Here’s what I see looking back:

Most Favorite Parts of the Second Trimester:

  • Seeing my baby thoroughly at the 15.5-week pre-amniocentesis ultrasound.
  • Getting good news from my amniocentesis results.
  • Having more energy and not feeling nauseous and tired all the time.
  • Getting to hear my daughter take a strong preference on baby’s sex. She wants it to be a girl and gets mad at me if I say it could be a boy. Makes me chuckle.
  • Not having any new/recurring stretch marks (yet).

The biggest milestone in terms of baby’s development was hitting V-day. Now, at almost 27 weeks, if I were to go into labor today, my baby would have roughly a  ~90% chance of survival.

Least Favorite Parts of the First Trimester

  • The return of my hemorrhoids, which I first developed during my pregnancy with DD.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Going into the emergency room because I was worried I might have a blood clot, which turned out to be a minor muscle strain.

There hasn’t been much for me to hate about this trimester. My personal life has been tumultuous, but that’s not the pregnancy’s fault. Here’s hoping the third trimester is just as good! (This is unlikely as I am sure to take on fatigue, stretch marks, and sore, engorged breasts come next trimester, but still.)

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My Pregnancy Weight Gain

Me & Hubby's Hands on Bump

I started my pregnancy with DD weighing something around 135 (remember, I’m 6’0″). I got some lectures about sucky weight gain in the middle of my pregnancy, but I’d reached 160 (or close to it) by the end of it.

Here’s what my numbers look like this time around, based on my weigh-ins at doctor’s appointments: Continue reading

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The last week of the 2nd trimester

The final week of the second trimester is here, and I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I’ve blogged. Some updates for me: Continue reading

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