Third Trimester Symptoms

Reflections on the 3rd Trimester

Well, here I am. If this post is running, it’s because today is my due date. Though the third trimester technically goes on until I deliver, I figure 13 weeks of third trimester is plenty enough to reflect on it.

Most Favorite Parts of the Third Trimester

  • Going back to work
  • Getting into my fantastic new apartment and away from my nightmare landlady
  • Having a beautiful baby shower
  • Feeling my little troll continue to kick and roll around
  • Getting close to delivery and knowing that my baby will be here soon
  • Seeing my daughter’s growing excitement and affection for her little sibling
  • Finishing my newborn cloth diapers

Least Favorite Parts of the Third Trimester

  • The physical symptoms. Really, I’m not sure that there are any good physical symptoms in the third trimester. In sum: feeling huge, a belly that just won’t get out of your way, more acid reflux, more hemorrhoids.
  • Having to be a contortionist to cut my own toenails or trim my lady garden
  • My marital stress (though at this point, I think I’ve reached the “acceptance” stage of grief and made peace with the reality that my marriage is dead. I just haven’t decided yet where to dump the body.)
  • People who think it’s acceptable to call me “fat” or “fatso.” A lady at church did this to me twice on Sunday. Seriously, not appreciated.
  • Finding out that I’m GBS+

That’s it for now. Here’s hoping bubs stays put till Sunday night so that my hot doctor will be back in town to deliver him/her!

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Home Stretch

Remember when I used to blog here? Wasn’t that fun? I can’t believe I’ve actually gone 6 weeks without a post!

I am 36+2 now, having reached the point where, if I go into labor, they won’t try to stop it, they’ll just deliver even though babies aren’t considered full-term until 37 weeks. So far my pregnancy continues to be healthy. I’m dealing with some (mostly-nocturnal) leg cramps, which is either due to pregnancy or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, the latter of which is very prevalent in my family. Only time will tell.

I just had my baby shower yesterday, and it was fantastic. Continue reading

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Tests & Shots!

I’d wish you a happy Independence Day, but the 4th of July is my least favorite holiday, so let’s move on.

catgivebloodWent in last Saturday for a round of testing. Had blood drawn for:

  • Thyroid tests: TSH, free T4, free T3. The latter my doctor has never tested for before and snuck in the order for it after I’d left the office on Friday, even though I’d previously told him I didn’t want him sneaking in any tests without informing me first. WHY THAT LITTLE… No, I’m not really mad, it just made me roll my eyes. He didn’t want to test my free T3 when I suggested it in January, so I’m wondering what made him change his mind. Anyways, this all came back normal, and my TSH is now 2.029, the lowest its been since we began testing (and down from 12.573 in January!).
  • 1-Hour Glucose Challenge Test: That drink was NASTY. It tasted like melted orange popsicles with an extra cup of sugar mixed in for bad measure. The good news is that I passed, so I’m in the clear on gestational diabetes and I don’t have to drink another one of those abominable concoctions.
  • CBC: So, here’s the part where I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that my hematocrit, hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and mchc were all a little on the low side. According to Dr. Google, that means I’ve become mildly anemic, probably due to iron deficiency. I got one of the residents at the clinic on the phone (hot doctor is out of town again) and he concurred. Guess it might not just be normal 3rd trimester fatigue that I’ve been experiencing lately. I think I have found the culprit and how to fix it though, which I will talk about in my next post.

Went in on Tuesday for my RhoGAM screen and injection. Continue reading

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Dog days of pregnancy

Well, I hit the third trimester and now it just feels like things are dragging.

I badly want to nest, but instead have to prepare to move. Have been told that we “should” be getting in to the apartment that we applied for, but they haven’t had us sign a lease yet. Will feel much better about it when we have a lease and formal move-in date in hand. I am just dying to set up our baby’s “nursery corner” in our new master bedroom, but that’s over a month away from happening.

Acid reflux has been hitting me a lot more now. Yucky.

Saw my hot doctor today. He came in wearing scrubs and seemed in a hurry and distracted. Said he was basically expected to deliver a baby soon, so I guess that’s a good excuse, but still. I wanted to say, “Well, the schedule says your ass is mine for the next 30 minutes, so slow the hell down, will you?” He’s now officially on year 3 of his residency, so congratulations to him. We talked a little bit about my recent social stressors (i.e. my marriage), but not much. He asked me if I’ve ever turned to smoking or alcohol to cope with my stress, and I told him (truthfully) absolutely not.

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