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My final charts

I’m about to suspend my FertilityFriend account, since I paid for a one-year VIP membership and then got knocked up after one month of trying. I’d like to save that membership for a possible future attempt at conceiving. However, once I do suspend my account, I’ll no longer be able to access my charts, so I am posting my final charts here.

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Nailed it

Pun intended.

FertilityFriend has finally decided that I ovulated three days ago. We timed intercourse for that day exactly, and immediately on the morning after, so we followed the timing recommendations of the Shettles method perfectly. The two-week wait has begun!

Well, it will be closer to a three-week-wait for me since I won’t test until my birthday on January 17th. In any case, now I can relax and wait.

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Our first attempt has passed (I think)

So, yesterday I woke up to a .31° F temperature increase, promising but not quite enough to signal for certain that ovulation had happened. DH and I BD’ed (baby danced) one more time when we woke up to try and make sure we were as close to ovulation as possible. My signs throughout the day were as follows: Continue reading

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Tonight’s the night

And it’s going to happen again, and again. It has to happen. Nice night.

(Yes, I’m a Dexter fan.)

Anyway, my signs seem lined up so that tonight/tomorrow is as good a guess for ovulation as any:


I’ve put my husband on notice to be ready to make wild monkey love when he comes home from work tonight. As you can see from the chart, he hasn’t gotten lucky in about a week, so this should make him happy.

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Something other than Santa is coming…

My cervix was noticeably softer today. I’ve written it down as “medium” before, but today it was definitive, although it doesn’t feel higher (yet). Nor does it feel as soft as my lips, so I didn’t record it as “soft.” And I am definitely wetter, to the extent that I’m seeing plenty of cervical fluid when I go to the bathroom and wipe. My chart:

Fertility Chart 12-23-2012

I have decided that I definitely want to try this month, as it is the only month where I can conceive and have my due date stay safely away from my sister’s wedding window, but I’m torn between not wanting to jump the gun on conceiving a boy and not wanting to miss my chance. I am going to wait until the day after Christmas to buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). If I miss my opportunity, then I miss it, but with any luck, I’ll be ovulating shortly after Christmas.

In the meantime, I’m having my husband abstain from sex to save up his sperm count.

And yes, I am nursing a bit of a cold right now, although it’s not the worst I’ve had. I took some Advil Cold/Sinus and a nice nap this afternoon, and woke up feeling considerably better.

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Witch has come and gone

So, the final chart for my last cycle (wherein I started tracking fertility signs):


The witch finally arrived on December 15th, but is practically gone already. It’s pretty much been a Mirena-light period, barely a trickle and already back to spotting. I’m going to assume that the Mirena had made my uterine lining thin just before I removed it, and that’s why this has been so light.

WebMD now estimates that I will be ovulating between January 2nd and January 6th. I’m torn on whether or not we will TTC this cycle. Shettles (more on Shettles later) says you should track your cycle for three months before attempting his method; I was just going to give it one. If we TTC this month, that will mean trying before I have tracked out even a single full cycle.

So whether or not we TTC will depend on how confident I’m feeling about pinpointing ovulation. If I think my CM, BBT, and OPK results are all lining up, we may give it a try. Otherwise we will wait one more month.

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Witch is still AWOL, daughter is sick

Three days overdue and still no witch. My temperature went up again this morning, but that may have been because I barely got three hours of sleep. Stayed up late writing a paper and went to bed at 3:30 AM, waking up to take my temperature at 6:30 AM:

If it drops again, I’m going to discard today’s temperature.

The bad news is that the lymph node behind my daughter’s right ear is infected, and she needs to take antibiotics for 10 days to fix it. The good news is, the follow-up appointment is with Dr. Sark! I’ll get to see him again without having to wait to get pregnant or break a leg or get the flu! Happy Dance

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Waiting on the witch

Well, the witch hasn’t caught me yet, and she’s officially 1 day overdue. Mild cramps have continued for two weeks straight since removing the Mirena on November 26th (ugh). However, I do not believe I’m pregnant, especially not since my BBT has seen a drop over the past three days:

Nevertheless, I will patiently wait until Friday, and if still no sign of witch, then, I will do a pregnancy test.

My finals are this week, and I still have plenty of writing to do. Gonna be a hectic week.

On a happier note, I ran hospitality for my church today and everyone loved the stuff I baked (key lime mini-pies, banana cream mini-pies, chocolate chip cookies). I also made a nice meal for my family and the three of us actually sat down to dinner together tonight. So that was good.

And we still have the second Sunday of Advent to celebrate tonight!

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Pregnant already? I hope not…

I am beginning to worry that I may have gotten pregnant on that night of unprotected sex. I haven’t had any signs other than the daily, mild cramps (which may have been caused by Mirena removal and may be premenstrual at this point) and a slight craving for citrus. However, my period is due December 7th or 8th, and I haven’t seen a drop in my BBT yet:

So that’s what’s worrying me. (Note that the temperature that was taken on November 26th was my temperature in the doctor’s office, and not a true BBT.)

Obviously I wasn’t tracking ovulation last month, but according to the WebMD ovulation calculator, if my period was on November 8, then my fertile window was from November 22-November 26, and I had unprotected sex on the evening of the 23rd. I didn’t have any CM and didn’t “feel like” I was ovulating (if that makes any sense), but anything is possible.

The Mirena was still technically in that night, but since implantation takes 7-14 days, it would have been removed prior to implantation.

I’m not going to test unless my period is a week late. I just wish that the cramps would stop. Being pregnant now would mean being pregnant somewhat earlier than desired, but I can deal with it.

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Screwed-up post-Mirena fertility chart

Been feeling better lately. I don’t think I’ve seen any bleeding or spotting since Thursday or Friday, but mild cramps have continued. The cran-apple turnovers and crab quiche that I made this weekend both went very well. Haven’t touched my schoolwork.

Been learning to chart my BBT. Here is my screwed-up post-Mirena chart so far:

I have a problem in that I’ve woken in the middle of the night every night since I started doing this, and haven’t always gotten 3 hours of rest before temping at 6:30 AM. But FF says that if you have to choose between temping after night waking and temping at wake-up time, you should choose the latter.

I really like the VIP features at FF, btw. I think I might actually sign up for a VIP membership in January (I get one for a few more weeks as part of my trial).

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