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Going back to work pregnant


Last week I really hit the grind at turning in job applications. Like, went onto and submitted 30 of them in one afternoon, then went to every other job listing place and submitted as many as I could. My efforts were rewarded by my phone ringing off the hook for two days with calls from recruiters and temp agencies who believed I might be a good fit for something they wanted. (It helps that I apparently keyboard at 92 WPM. Who says telling people they’re wrong on the Internet and playing World of Warcraft can’t teach you real life skills?)

As I began setting up interviews, I mulled over the question: should I tell my interviewer that I’m pregnant? One friend whom I respect so much told me that ethically, I should, and legally, I shouldn’t. I read on some Web sites that disclosing a pregnancy can put an interviewer in a difficult position because, legally, s/he isn’t supposed to factor that into his/her hiring decision, but pragmatically, one can understand why an employer doesn’t want to have to cover a maternity leave in a matter of months. Ultimately, I disclosed it to two interviewers that I talked to and did my darndest to hide it from two others, so I got some experience with both options. For one of my interviews, I even scrunched my bump into a corset-like body shaper, wore a jacket over my blouse, inhaled, and prayed that I would just look like a slightly chunky woman.

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Adventures with Prenatal Vitamins


(In which I screw up my prenatal vitamin intake. Repeatedly. Because I am dumb.)

When I first got pregnant, I thought I’d be a princess and do this pregnancy “right” and order a super-healthy whole foods prenatal vitamin. I had just about settled on the Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal, a one-a-day whole foods prenatal, when I saw this monstrosity here: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System in a 360-count jar. I thought to myself, “Sweet, I buy one jar of this and I don’t have to buy any more for the entire pregnancy!” So I did.

And since I was going to audition for supermom this time around (yeah right), I also ordered some Rainbow Light DHA tablets.

It wasn’t until the second trimester that I actually read the label of my Rainbow Light vitamins and beheld these words, in horror: Continue reading

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Sunday Perinatal Funnies




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Sewing Cloth Diapers Part IV: Dark Green Diapers

31 diapers (15 dark green, 15 mint green, and 1 green-and-blue starburst prototype) have now been completed:

14 to go.

Lessons learned:

  • Berry recommends 1 cone of white thread for every 15 diapers that you sew. I found that this was WAY more thread than you need. I completed 29-30 diapers with a spool of 500 yds and a spool of 1100 yds, so you certainly don’t need more than 1000 yds for every 15 diapers you sew. (I did use pale green for the interior of some of these diapers, whereas Berry used all white. Just the same, you definitely do not need 3000 yds per set of 15!)
  • Having exhausted my last spool of white thread, I did begin working with the cone, and I did have some trouble with breakage. Going to keep experimenting with it, but if the breaks become too cumbersome, I will just purchase one more spool of white thread.
  • Ladies in laundromats who think they know everything about sewing and won’t stop touching your machine and trying to tell you what to do while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry are ANNOYING.
  • Keeping your pins in your diaper and sewing over them = bad. Broke my first needle that way.

Anyways, I’m getting sick of sewing these cloth diapers now. It definitely gets tiresome after about 30 diapers. Want to finish up this project soon so that I can move onto my next maternity project: sewing slipcovers in order to revive the cushions on my dirty, nasty rocker-glider that’s been sitting in the attic forever.

Sewing Cloth Diapers Part I: Patterns, Cost & Supplies
Sewing Cloth Diapers Part II: Creating the Prototypes
Sewing Cloth Diapers Part III: Mint-Colored Diapers
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Tests & Shots!

I’d wish you a happy Independence Day, but the 4th of July is my least favorite holiday, so let’s move on.

catgivebloodWent in last Saturday for a round of testing. Had blood drawn for:

  • Thyroid tests: TSH, free T4, free T3. The latter my doctor has never tested for before and snuck in the order for it after I’d left the office on Friday, even though I’d previously told him I didn’t want him sneaking in any tests without informing me first. WHY THAT LITTLE… No, I’m not really mad, it just made me roll my eyes. He didn’t want to test my free T3 when I suggested it in January, so I’m wondering what made him change his mind. Anyways, this all came back normal, and my TSH is now 2.029, the lowest its been since we began testing (and down from 12.573 in January!).
  • 1-Hour Glucose Challenge Test: That drink was NASTY. It tasted like melted orange popsicles with an extra cup of sugar mixed in for bad measure. The good news is that I passed, so I’m in the clear on gestational diabetes and I don’t have to drink another one of those abominable concoctions.
  • CBC: So, here’s the part where I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that my hematocrit, hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and mchc were all a little on the low side. According to Dr. Google, that means I’ve become mildly anemic, probably due to iron deficiency. I got one of the residents at the clinic on the phone (hot doctor is out of town again) and he concurred. Guess it might not just be normal 3rd trimester fatigue that I’ve been experiencing lately. I think I have found the culprit and how to fix it though, which I will talk about in my next post.

Went in on Tuesday for my RhoGAM screen and injection. Continue reading

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