The last week of the 2nd trimester

The final week of the second trimester is here, and I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I’ve blogged. Some updates for me:

  • My husband and I are reconciling. I really need to sit down and write an in-depth post on that.
  • I’m still looking for work, and feeling pretty down about my inability to find even temporary work, although I could be applying myself more. I just finished all projects for my classes on May 31st, was in Atlanta from May 31st – June 3rd, and DD has been out of school since June 5th and won’t go back until June 17th. It is really hard to get anything done with her at home all the time! I’m hoping to be hitting the job hunting with a vengeance once she is in classes on Monday.
  • I have joined the local YMCA and begun going to an early morning water exercise class with a group of sweet old ladies, M-W-F. I think I could handle something more intense though, so I might see what else the Y has. But I am enjoying the class that I am attending.
  • Searching for a new apartment to move into, as my time in this one ends on July 31st. I’ll miss the cheap rent, but my landlady has been an irresponsible pain in the ass who struggles to pay her bills on time and won’t make repairs, so overall I won’t miss it. This also means I’ve been doing some cleaning, packing, and organizing around here.
  • Pregnancy has been great. I do not even feel like I am pregnant apart  from having a bump on my stomach that likes to kick me.
  • The next set of 15 cloth diapers (dark green) are coming along nicely.

Last but not least, I saw my hot doctor for a prenatal check-up yesterday. He is back in town and this was the first time I had seen him in two months. My goodness, I had forgotten how gorgeous that man is! We talked a bit about my current stresses (lingering issues in my marriage, looking for work, finding an apartment). He said he wanted to start seeing me every two weeks due to my social stresses alone, but it’s about time for biweekly prenatal check-ups as it is.

I’ll actually see him next week to discuss my daughter’s Adderall use, then I have a prenatal check-up on June 28th (my daughter’s birthday). We will check my TSH and free T4 again, get my RhoGam shot, and do my glucose tolerance testing then.

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2 thoughts on “The last week of the 2nd trimester

  1. I’m glad to hear you and your husband are working on things. I hope you can find some support to do so. It’s a hard process. Also, glad you are feeling and doing so well in your pregnancy. You should post a picture of your “bump that kicks you.”

  2. I should. I’ll post a close-up of me and my husband with our hands on our bumps in my next post, but it’s not the best “bump shot.” I’ll try to get a good bump shot tonight.

    Good to see you again, JM.

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