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Once More, With Feeling

Hello, Partus Melior, and here we go again. I currently find myself 9 wks + 5 days geriatrically pregnant.

Some updates:

  • It turns out that my first husband was a serial adulterer, whose cheating went back to our first year of marriage. Life is full of surprises. [1]
  • My divorce from my first husband was finalized 10-29-14 — one year to the date that I first requested it, which itself was one month after Constantine was born
  • After a few years as a single mom, I remarried in June 2018 to a kind, gentle, softspoken man who has made me deliriously happy. He has no kids and had never even kissed a woman when we began dating. Sometimes, the guys who are shy and awkward with women are the right choice! We own a five-bedroom house together, a dog, a cat, a fish, and three hamsters.
  • Constantine was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in 2016. He has had great success with ABA therapy. He is intelligent, verbal, precocious, and extremely energetic. His reading level is several grade levels past kindergarten.
  • I never knew that life didn’t have to be perpetually stressful. I never realized just how abusive my first marriage was until I got out of it. My first husband may not have been hitting me, but he was verbally, emotionally, and materially abusive as well as coercive. I breathe a sigh of relief when I think of my escape.
  • My first husband has pretty much been just as bad at co-parenting as he was at marriage. At one point he took off to Indianapolis and tried to dodge child support. I figured out where he was working and got a garnishment in on him. No one ever said he was a smart manchild.

Anyhow, NuHusband is now 40 years old, and I’m 37. I’ll be 38 when the baby is born and he’ll a few months from 41. Though I was ready to be done with kids, and he loves his stepchildren, he wanted a biological child of his own. So I agreed to do this one more time and we switched to not-trying-not-preventing in April of this year.

I found out I was pregnant on Columbus Day, after returning from my sister’s wedding in Houston. I had no idea how pregnant I was, but estimated I was 5 weeks. Did an ultrasound this past Monday thinking I was 8 weeks pregnant, but my doctor put me at 9 + 2.

We find out the gender via NIPS next week. NuHusband would prefer a boy; I told him I’m only doing this once and if he doesn’t get the gender he wants, to go pound sand. We’re not going to be one of those families that keeps trying and trying until we get the gender we want. (In my case, I’d kind of prefer a girl to a boy, but am A-Okay with either.)

I am currently hunting for a doula as the one I had for Costa’s birth is retired, and I love my OB-GYN. Hot doctor finished his residency and went back to Canada in June 2014, and I’ve only seen him once since, though we remain friends on Facebook.

That’s it for now, until next time . . .

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A Sibylline Dream?

I mentioned in a previous post that on the night connecting January 4th to January 5th, I had a dream wherein my hot doctor told me I was pregnant. I left out of that post a significant component of that dream. This was part of my actual journal entry for Saturday, January 5th, 2013:

I had such a strange dream last night. I dreamed that [hot doctor] . . . somehow managed to do a pregnancy test without telling me–which is weird, because I don’t recall giving him any blood or urine. And he was so delighted and excited to tell me I was pregnant. But I was annoyed with him for doing a test without my permission.

I woke up and the thing that excited me most about the dream was that oneiric hot doctor had told me I was pregnant. I thought about the other part of the dream–the part where he tested for pregnancy without my permission–and thought, “Woman, you crazy. He can’t do a pregnancy test unless you give him blood or urine.” So I put that part of the dream out of my mind and only told people about the part where the doctor told me I was pregnant, especially once I got my first positive pregnancy test at 12 DPO.

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My day did not start well. I woke up at 4:30 AM to pee, and decided to use up my last pregnancy test just for giggles. Got a solid positive, not even faint this time, so okay, I guess that much of my day started well, but I had trouble going back to sleep after that, tossing and turning and maybe dozing off a bit until 5:30 AM. I decided to temp early at that point, then looked in horror as the thermometer read 97.78° F, which would be a -.66° F from yesterday. That strikes me as a really steep drop! Still above my coverline, but steep. I scowled and went back to tossing and turning and dozing and temped again at 6:20 AM, closer to my usual time. 98.15° F, still a drop, but not so steep. That might be cheating, but I’m taking it.

Why am I still temping when I have several positive home pregnancy tests? Because I like the feel of a nice, cold thermometer up my cooch at the crack of dawn, obviously. No, I’m just neurotic and if I’m going to be done with Fertility Friend, I want my charts to reflect two 37-day cycles. So I’m temping for 7 more days and then calling it quits.

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Well, that was fast


My BFP. 1-9-2013

I woke up last Saturday morning having had a dream about my hot doctor. You’re thinking, “Ooo, sexy!” but really, it wasn’t. He’s never been in my dreams before, despite his adorableness, but this time he was, and I remembered it very vividly. Oneiric hot doctor told me that I was pregnant.

I was only 8 days past ovulation though, and I had no pregnancy tests in the house for use with first morning urine. I bought one at the store that morning and determined to use it the next morning, at 9 dpo. It was a stark negative. Not even the tiniest inkling of a line.

I waited until Wednesday, when I was 12 dpo. Woke up at 4:30 AM needing to pee, so decided to do it then. Upon coming back into the bathroom to look at the test three minutes later, I sighed, initially thinking it was a negative. Then I picked it up and looked at it more carefully.

There was a line. Barely visible, but there.

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Big Fat Negative

Negative pregnancy test today and my BBT nosedived from 98.22 all the way down to 97.45! witch must be on the way.

I’m actually happy about the Big Fat Negative (BFN). Being pregnant now would have meant having the baby earlier next year than I had hoped, and I really did want to try the Shettles method of gender swaying.

So, hurry up and get here, witch! And tonight, I’m having a Mike’s Hard Limeade.

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