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I write this blog under the handle “Proserpina.” All you need to know about me is that I am a pretentious graduate student in my early 30s with a bachelor’s degree in classics. I started this blog in November 2012 as sort of a diary of my journey towards conceiving and birthing my second child. That child, a son, was born in September 2013, after a healthy, low-interventions, doula-assisted hospital birth with a family practice doc.

I got married in November 2003, in my early 20s. In October 2013, I asked my husband for a divorce. This is still in process.

I have one daughter with a condition called DiGeorge syndrome or velo-cardio-facial syndrome, born in 2006.

Now that my son is here and I am a soon-to-be divorcée so that I won’t be having children in the near future, this blog is simply a place to discuss all things related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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