Dog days of pregnancy

Well, I hit the third trimester and now it just feels like things are dragging.

I badly want to nest, but instead have to prepare to move. Have been told that we “should” be getting in to the apartment that we applied for, but they haven’t had us sign a lease yet. Will feel much better about it when we have a lease and formal move-in date in hand. I am just dying to set up our baby’s “nursery corner” in our new master bedroom, but that’s over a month away from happening.

Acid reflux has been hitting me a lot more now. Yucky.

Saw my hot doctor today. He came in wearing scrubs and seemed in a hurry and distracted. Said he was basically expected to deliver a baby soon, so I guess that’s a good excuse, but still. I wanted to say, “Well, the schedule says your ass is mine for the next 30 minutes, so slow the hell down, will you?” He’s now officially on year 3 of his residency, so congratulations to him. We talked a little bit about my recent social stressors (i.e. my marriage), but not much. He asked me if I’ve ever turned to smoking or alcohol to cope with my stress, and I told him (truthfully) absolutely not.

He took my fundal height, which was 27 cm with today being 28 weeks. Baby was moving around while hot doctor was trying to get heart tones, which made us both chuckle. He did make a change to my schedule. Originally he was going to be out of town for the first two weeks of July, so I was going to see a different doctor on July 12th at 30 weeks, one that I’ve never seen before. However, he says that he wants to make time to see me and not ship me around to different doctors, so he’s coming into the office on Saturday, July 13th to see me. I guess that makes up for today’s rush.

At one point in the exam, he put his thumb and forefinger on my abdomen and pressed down hard, and I thought, “What in the hell are you doing?” Then he said, “Looks like your baby is already head down.” Well, good. Hope s/he  stays that way. That said, I don’t care how cute the doctor is, I still would have liked a warning on the abdomen pressure, but that’s just the way I am.

I talked him into getting the TDaP vaccine over with today. Tomorrow morning at 7 AM I’m checking into the hospital lab to do all of the following:

  • Another complete blood count plus a check on my thyroid levels (TSH and free T4)
  • The 1-hour glucose tolerance test
  • An antenatal RhiG evaluation including type & screen (for lining up my 28-week RhoGAM injection)

So, that’s where I’m at. Gods, this trimester is going to take FOREVER.

Also, today is the seven-year anniversary of the end of my first pregnancy. Or in other words, happy birthday to DD!

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