Birth Photography

Remember how part of the reason that I hired the doula that I did was because she did professional birth photography?

Well, those photos are finally in. Though a savvy person could figure out who I am, I’m still going to stay as anonymous as possible, so I have blurred myself out and excluded any pics that are dependent on my face (which means most of my in-labor pics). The rest are as follows (massive photo dump in one post):

Baby Shower 1

Me at my baby shower, my daughter Harley opening Constantine’s presents for me on the left. Personally, I think I made being 8+ months pregnant look good. 8-24-2013

Baby Shower 2

Some of the decorations at my baby shower. Those are onesies rolled up to look like muffins. 8-24-2013

Baby Shower 3

More baby shower decorations. 8-24-2013

The Day Before Induction, 1

Me at 41 + 1 days pregnant, being monitored for induction. My belly looks so huge here, but I totally did not feel huge at the time! 9-28-2013

The Day Before Induction, 2

My doctor’s hands, working the ultrasound monitor to check my AFI. 9-28-2013

The Day Before Induction, 3

Ultrasound gel on my belly. See, I did have stretch marks, but not a ton of them. 9-28-2013.

Induction in Progress

Me, just as induction was getting started. I was straddling the bed with *Breaking Bad* playing on my laptop. See the food and drink behind me? Yeah, that’s right. Take that, nurse who told me I couldn’t eat in labor! 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 1

Quite literally, Constantine’s first breath. My vagina is just barely out of this shot. He was still in the posterior position he had come out in. You can see that there wasn’t much white stuff on him as he was late term. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 2

Placed onto my chest immediately as per my request. Umbilical cord had not been clamped or cut yet. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 3

My husband cutting the umbilical cord. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 4

You can see the chignon on his head from the vacuum extraction. 9-29-2013.

Constantine Natus Est, 5

First kisses from mommy. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 6

Having a cuddle. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 7

They did as many of his exams on my chest as possible. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 8

Face all scrunched up. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 9

Scrunchy face! 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 10

After 30-45 minutes or so, I let them take him off my chest so he could be weighed and measured. My placenta had delivered quickly and the docs were busy stitching me up for most of that time. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 11

He weighed 9 lbs 4.6 oz, which we round up to 5. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 12

Being held by daddy for the first time. 9-29-2013

Constantine Natus Est, 13

New little feet. 9-29-2013

The next day, 1

Constantine on my chest the day after he was born, but before we’d gone home from the hospital. 9-30-2013

The next day, 2


October Photoshoot, 1

A bunch of photos from a photo shoot that my doula did in October, when Constantine was almost 1 month old. 10-25-2013

October Photoshoot, 2

Breastfeeding. 10-25-2013

October Photoshoot, 3


October Photoshoot, 4


October Photoshoot, 5


October Photoshoot, 6


October Photoshoot, 7

Kisses from big sister Harley. 10-25-2013

October Photoshoot, 8


October Photoshoot, 9


October Photoshoot, 10


October Photoshoot, 11


October Photoshoot, 12


October Photoshoot, 13


October Photoshoot, 14

Daddy holding his son. 10-25-2013

October Photoshoot, 15


October Photoshoot, 16


October Photoshoot, 17


October Photoshoot, 18

A very goal-oriented Constantine. 10-25-2013

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