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Nailed it

Pun intended.

FertilityFriend has finally decided that I ovulated three days ago. We timed intercourse for that day exactly, and immediately on the morning after, so we followed the timing recommendations of the Shettles method perfectly. The two-week wait has begun!

Well, it will be closer to a three-week-wait for me since I won’t test until my birthday on January 17th. In any case, now I can relax and wait.

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How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby by Landrum B. Shettles and David M. Rorvik (2006) — This book has been around in some form or another since 1970, and it’s co-authored by one of the pioneers in in vitro fertilization. It’s written by Rorvik with the late Dr. Shettles (d. 2003) having provided the medical and scientific background. The title says it all: Shettles believed that couples can choose the sex of their babies.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Shettles believed that couples can drastically increase their chances of having one sex or the other, based mostly on when they time intercourse in relation to ovulation, though he cautioned that his method does not guarantee the desired sex. According to Shettles, the Y-sperm (male) are smaller, faster, and more fragile, while the X-sperm (female) are larger, slower, and hardier, so if you want a boy, you should time intercourse for as close to ovulation as possible. This will allow the faster Y-sperm to beat the slower X-sperm to the ovum. If you want a girl, you should have intercourse 2-3 days prior to ovulation. Shettles claimed success rates of 80-85% with the boy method and 75-80% with the girl method, and he believed those rates got a little higher when his method is followed carefully.

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“Can I see?!”

DD has been craving a sibling for some time. When I ask her whether she wants a little brother or a little sister, she enthusiastically replies, “BOTH!” The other day I asked her how I could possibly give her both*, and she replied, “Work on it.” So, you can see she’s a very opinionated little girl.

While DH and I were BDing on Friday night, DD knocks on our bedroom door. We growl at her to go back to bed, and she says, “What are you doing?” I shout out, “We’re making you a little brother or little sister!” To which she replies (with noticeable excitement in her voice), “Can I see?!”

Obviously we could not let her see. We chased her back to bed and that was that.


* Yes, I am aware that I could hypothetically have fraternal boy-girl twins. But the chances of having twins at all, let alone this particular combination of twins, are very, very small, so I’m not counting on that.

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Our first attempt has passed (I think)

So, yesterday I woke up to a .31° F temperature increase, promising but not quite enough to signal for certain that ovulation had happened. DH and I BD’ed (baby danced) one more time when we woke up to try and make sure we were as close to ovulation as possible. My signs throughout the day were as follows: Continue reading

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Tonight’s the night

And it’s going to happen again, and again. It has to happen. Nice night.

(Yes, I’m a Dexter fan.)

Anyway, my signs seem lined up so that tonight/tomorrow is as good a guess for ovulation as any:


I’ve put my husband on notice to be ready to make wild monkey love when he comes home from work tonight. As you can see from the chart, he hasn’t gotten lucky in about a week, so this should make him happy.

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Something other than Santa is coming…

My cervix was noticeably softer today. I’ve written it down as “medium” before, but today it was definitive, although it doesn’t feel higher (yet). Nor does it feel as soft as my lips, so I didn’t record it as “soft.” And I am definitely wetter, to the extent that I’m seeing plenty of cervical fluid when I go to the bathroom and wipe. My chart:

Fertility Chart 12-23-2012

I have decided that I definitely want to try this month, as it is the only month where I can conceive and have my due date stay safely away from my sister’s wedding window, but I’m torn between not wanting to jump the gun on conceiving a boy and not wanting to miss my chance. I am going to wait until the day after Christmas to buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). If I miss my opportunity, then I miss it, but with any luck, I’ll be ovulating shortly after Christmas.

In the meantime, I’m having my husband abstain from sex to save up his sperm count.

And yes, I am nursing a bit of a cold right now, although it’s not the worst I’ve had. I took some Advil Cold/Sinus and a nice nap this afternoon, and woke up feeling considerably better.

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Hugs! And Traveling During Pregnancy

Took my daughter to see Dr. Sark for her follow-up appointment on her ear infection today. Before he came in I was seated on the examination table, and he surprised me by crossing immediately to me and putting his arms around me. I didn’t realize what he was doing getting so close to me and I rather stupidly blurted out, “What’s this?” He replied, “This … is a hug.” “Okay … so we’re on a hugging basis now …” I said, trailing off. It kind of took me by surprise.

Far be it from me to complain though. A hug from a hot doctor is a hug from a hot doctor, right?

I asked Dr. Sark about travel during pregnancy, explaining that my sister is engaged and angling for a wedding date in November of next year. He replied that he wouldn’t want me traveling after four months.

“Four months!” I said in disbelief. He said something about being old-fashioned and not wanting pregnant women jetting around everywhere.

I’m sorry, but no. Even if I didn’t have the wedding, I have academic conferences to attend in the summer that are important to me. I only need a doctor’s permission to fly with certain airlines during the final month of pregnancy, and quite a few of them have no requirements for a doctor’s permission at any point of the pregnancy.

So, I guess I shouldn’t count on getting permission from him if I need to do any traveling during my final month of pregnancy. Which is fine. I’ll just have to stick to the airlines that don’t require it.

In other news, I asked him at an appointment several months ago if I could have a doula at my delivery if he were my doctor, and he said he’d get back to me on that. Today he finally got back to me, and he said a doula would be fine. So yay for that.

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My Timing Dilemma

As I explained in another post, my doctor is a resident whose residency will end in June 2014. I would like to be able to deliver with him. I don’t typically get along well with doctors, so the fact that I get along well with him and trust him is kind of a big deal for me. So if I want to deliver with him, I need to get pregnant by around September 2013 at the latest. Supposedly, at age 30, I only have about a 15% chance of conceiving for each cycle. However, when I got pregnant with DD, I conceived within 1-2 cycles of coming off of birth control. So either we got very lucky, or we’re particularly fertile people. I’m hoping it’s the latter, and that my odds of conceiving in a given month are better than 15%. In theory, if we time our baby-dancing every month for well within the fertile window, we have a pretty good chance of being pregnant before September 2013. (Of course, I can’t account for miscarriages or anything like that.)

But, I have another problem. My only sister whom I love dearly just got engaged. And currently she is eyeing November 1st, 2013 for a wedding date. (This is also my anniversary, but I told her imitation is the fondest form of flattery and I would be tickled if she shared an anniversary with me.) I live in Illinois and my sister lives in Washington state, so attending her wedding is going to require an airplane ride. I have no qualms about flying pregnant or attending her wedding in a maternity dress, but if her wedding falls close to my due date, that could be a problem.

I’m not completely certain when I will be ovulating given that my body is still in post-Mirena mode. But here’s some estimates for date of conception vs. due date:

  • If I ovulate between December 29th and January 6th, and manage to conceive, my due date will be between September 21st and September 29th, 2013. This would actually be perfect as it would mean showing up at her wedding with the new baby to meet everyone. However, thinking I will get pregnant on the first cycle is kind of optimistic and would take quite a bit of luck.
  • If I ovulate between January 29th and February 6th, and manage to conceive, my due date will be between October 22nd and October 30th. This would be pushing it awfully close to my sister’s wedding, though I might still be willing to try if I ovulate at the earlier end of that window.
  • If I ovulate between March 1st and March 9th, and manage to conceive then, my due date will be between November 22nd and November 30th. If my doctor were willing to grant me permission to fly at 8 months 1 week pregnant, I might still be willing to try.

So, I will have to ask my doctor for his feelings on pregnant women and flying in the 8th month. If he isn’t willing to sign off on it, I may abstain from trying to conceive in January, February, or March if doing so would put my due date within two weeks of my sister’s wedding. I will ask him at my daughter’s doctor’s appointment on Friday.

Because being at my little sister’s wedding is priority one.

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The Shettles Method

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, DH and I have one daughter. DH also happens to be an identical twin, and his identical twin has four children. The first three are daughters, the fourth is a son. Since identical twins are pretty much the same person on a genetic, biological level, this is kind of like the same man having four daughters in a row, and then a son. Or in other words, I suspect that my husband’s sperm fluid favors Xs.

There will be no such thing as “gender disappointment” for me with this next pregnancy. I would be 100% happy with either a daughter or a son. Most families prefer to have at least one child of each sex, and we’re no exception to that, so a son would be great. DH prefers a son and I see the longing in his eyes when he talks about the things he would like to do with a son (and trust me, we are raising a very adventurous and wild-hearted daughter!). On the other hand, I think there need to be more women like me in the world, and since human cloning is not an everyday reality yet, giving birth to daughters is the next best thing. So a daughter would also be great. I would love to have another girl, and even feel like I’m meant to have another girl.

That said, since DH’s sperm fluid seems to favor Xs, we would like to sway for a boy, just to even our odds of having one. I’ve read up on the Shettles method (How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby by Landrum B. Shettles and David M. Rorvik), so we want to try that. Dr. Shettles believes that the Y (male) sperm are smaller, lighter, faster, and more fragile, while the X (female) sperm are bigger, heavier, slower, and hardier. So basically, if you want a girl, he instructs you to have sex earlier in your fertile window and only earlier, so that the Y sperm will have died off and it will be mostly X sperm waiting around in the fallopian tubes for the ovum to arrive. If you want a boy, he instructs you to abstain from sex until immediately before ovulation, so that the Y sperm can use their superior speed to beat the X sperm to the ovum. This means that the method is entirely dependent on good fertility charting on the part of the woman. He recommends women track their cycles for three months before attempting to conceive so that they will have a good feel for their own ovulation patterns.

Given my doctor’s timeline (his residency ends in June 2014), I’m not going to wait three months. I’d like to deliver with him so that I don’t have to worry about finding another doctor that I like and trust. At most I was going to wait one month, and then begin trying—after all, I’m not all that wedded to the idea of getting a boy this time. However, I have another dilemma on timing, which I’ll talk about in my next post.

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Witch has come and gone

So, the final chart for my last cycle (wherein I started tracking fertility signs):


The witch finally arrived on December 15th, but is practically gone already. It’s pretty much been a Mirena-light period, barely a trickle and already back to spotting. I’m going to assume that the Mirena had made my uterine lining thin just before I removed it, and that’s why this has been so light.

WebMD now estimates that I will be ovulating between January 2nd and January 6th. I’m torn on whether or not we will TTC this cycle. Shettles (more on Shettles later) says you should track your cycle for three months before attempting his method; I was just going to give it one. If we TTC this month, that will mean trying before I have tracked out even a single full cycle.

So whether or not we TTC will depend on how confident I’m feeling about pinpointing ovulation. If I think my CM, BBT, and OPK results are all lining up, we may give it a try. Otherwise we will wait one more month.

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