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Induction imminent

Things that have happened since my last post…

Did the non-stress test at the hospital on Monday night. Baby passed with flying colors.

Went to my post-due-date check-up on Thursday morning, where my one and only hot doctor had returned. I consented to a cervical check for the first time this trimester, but told him I was pretty certain my cervix was closed (I’d checked myself the night before). He expressed amazement that I check my own cervix and did the check. Yup, cervix was closed for business. He said they’d like to schedule an induction for this Saturday (9/28); I flat-out said “no” and said I did not want to induce until I was 42 weeks. He went and checked with their “most liberal” attending physician, and she said the latest she’d “let” me go was Tuesday (10/1), when I’d be 41 + 4. I asked what kind of induction they were talking about, and he said probably mechanical later augmented by Pitocin. The mention of Pitocin really, really did not thrill me.

He asked me to come into the hospital at 7 AM on Saturday morning, said that was his day to be working in the OB unit. He wanted me to do another non-stress test and an AFI ultrasound to check on the baby’s amniotic fluid. My doula said:


She figured that, since that was the day that was originally proposed for induction, they’d heavily push induction that day.
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Adventures with Prenatal Vitamins


(In which I screw up my prenatal vitamin intake. Repeatedly. Because I am dumb.)

When I first got pregnant, I thought I’d be a princess and do this pregnancy “right” and order a super-healthy whole foods prenatal vitamin. I had just about settled on the Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal, a one-a-day whole foods prenatal, when I saw this monstrosity here: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System in a 360-count jar. I thought to myself, “Sweet, I buy one jar of this and I don’t have to buy any more for the entire pregnancy!” So I did.

And since I was going to audition for supermom this time around (yeah right), I also ordered some Rainbow Light DHA tablets.

It wasn’t until the second trimester that I actually read the label of my Rainbow Light vitamins and beheld these words, in horror: Continue reading

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Tests & Shots!

I’d wish you a happy Independence Day, but the 4th of July is my least favorite holiday, so let’s move on.

catgivebloodWent in last Saturday for a round of testing. Had blood drawn for:

  • Thyroid tests: TSH, free T4, free T3. The latter my doctor has never tested for before and snuck in the order for it after I’d left the office on Friday, even though I’d previously told him I didn’t want him sneaking in any tests without informing me first. WHY THAT LITTLE… No, I’m not really mad, it just made me roll my eyes. He didn’t want to test my free T3 when I suggested it in January, so I’m wondering what made him change his mind. Anyways, this all came back normal, and my TSH is now 2.029, the lowest its been since we began testing (and down from 12.573 in January!).
  • 1-Hour Glucose Challenge Test: That drink was NASTY. It tasted like melted orange popsicles with an extra cup of sugar mixed in for bad measure. The good news is that I passed, so I’m in the clear on gestational diabetes and I don’t have to drink another one of those abominable concoctions.
  • CBC: So, here’s the part where I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that my hematocrit, hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and mchc were all a little on the low side. According to Dr. Google, that means I’ve become mildly anemic, probably due to iron deficiency. I got one of the residents at the clinic on the phone (hot doctor is out of town again) and he concurred. Guess it might not just be normal 3rd trimester fatigue that I’ve been experiencing lately. I think I have found the culprit and how to fix it though, which I will talk about in my next post.

Went in on Tuesday for my RhoGAM screen and injection. Continue reading

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Dog days of pregnancy

Well, I hit the third trimester and now it just feels like things are dragging.

I badly want to nest, but instead have to prepare to move. Have been told that we “should” be getting in to the apartment that we applied for, but they haven’t had us sign a lease yet. Will feel much better about it when we have a lease and formal move-in date in hand. I am just dying to set up our baby’s “nursery corner” in our new master bedroom, but that’s over a month away from happening.

Acid reflux has been hitting me a lot more now. Yucky.

Saw my hot doctor today. He came in wearing scrubs and seemed in a hurry and distracted. Said he was basically expected to deliver a baby soon, so I guess that’s a good excuse, but still. I wanted to say, “Well, the schedule says your ass is mine for the next 30 minutes, so slow the hell down, will you?” He’s now officially on year 3 of his residency, so congratulations to him. We talked a little bit about my recent social stressors (i.e. my marriage), but not much. He asked me if I’ve ever turned to smoking or alcohol to cope with my stress, and I told him (truthfully) absolutely not.

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The last week of the 2nd trimester

The final week of the second trimester is here, and I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I’ve blogged. Some updates for me: Continue reading

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The Other Halfway

A pregnancy isn’t really 40 weeks. It’s 38 because the first two weeks you aren’t even pregnant.

Today I am 21 weeks pregnant, which means my baby’s gestational age is 19 weeks, which means I have reached the true halfway point. So yay for me.

Not much new to report. Though the substitute doctor was nice enough, he was over an hour late to an 8:45 AM appointment (!), and I had an appointment at a temp agency at 11:00 AM, so this was a bad day for my doctor to be so late. Though he was cute, he was nowhere near as cute as Sark. (Because that’s what really matters in a doctor, right? ;))

He wants to see me again for a “social follow-up” on the 29th. I’m not sure if that means he wants to get to know me better or he wants to talk about my “social stressors,” i. e. my separation. I’ve made the appointment, but if I am working by then, I’m canceling it. There’s no way I am taking more time off work than I need to.

I’m a little stressed on top of everything else right now because the Social Security office has canceled my daughter’s SSI for June on account of them losing the paperwork I submitted. My experience with SSI has been that once they cancel your payments for a month, it doesn’t matter if it was their mistake, nor does it matter how many caseworkers you meet with or appeals you file; you will not get it for that month. At best you will get a double-payment the following month. That will still leave me needing a way to pay my rent on June 1st, so I really hope I’m working soon. (Yes, I could call my stepmother and borrow the SSI money for a month until they get my case straightened out, but I was hoping to avoid having to borrow any money from her.)

I just finished finals. I have a few papers to finish and then I will throw myself entirely into my job search. I did well on all of the temp agency’s exams, so I am hopeful they will put me to at least earning some income soon. They sounded optimistic as well.

I can now add “acid reflux” to my still-short second trimester symptoms list. It’s irritating but manageable.

What I have coming up:

  • May 14th — 21-week ultrasound
  • May 31st – June 3rd — Traveling to Georgia for sister-in-law’s wedding
  • June 13th — Seeing my one-and-only hot doctor for a routine 2nd trimester check-up, as that is when he is back in the office. I’ll be 25-almost-26 weeks
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Sixteen-week prenatal check-up

Getting baby's heart tones, 4-8-2013

Listening for baby’s heart tones, 4-8-2013. Photo by my doula.

What a busy day I had today! In the morning I was preaching at the retirement community where I volunteer with the chaplaincy ministry, then I went to my prenatal appointment, and immediately afterwards I went to set up for tomorrow’s election, where I am serving as an election judge. I find it satisfying to be staying so busy.

It was the 16-week prenatal today. My doula came to the appointment. I think her and my hot  doctor will get along well. She seemed to agree with my assessment of his looks. Always good to have a second opinion when it comes to prenatal care, right? 😉 He mentioned that he has never worked with a doula before, and he’s done 48 deliveries now, so I hope this is a learning experience for him.

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For this child I prayed

I wish my daughter had not been born the way she is.

There. I said it.

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What I was doing today.

What I was doing today.

(Image Source)

Here’s how my amniocentesis went:

I arrived at the maternal-fetal-medicine clinic, which is in a different hospital from the one where I usually see my doctor. The first thing they did was to send me to the lab to have my blood drawn because I’m Rh-negative and they needed to prep my RhoGam shot. Had the blood drawn from my left arm and headed back to the MFM clinic.

A genetic counselor called me back to her office and we spoke for 20-30 minutes. We talked about the genetic problems in my family and my daughter’s diagnosis of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. I said that, while I believed my daughter’s condition was a de novum appearance of the disorder in my family line, I had felt so much grief at my daughter’s birth with a new doctor coming into my room every few hours to tell me something else was wrong with my daughter, it had just been overwhelming. If I was going to have another child with special needs, I needed the time to grieve and adjust.

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Fetal Heartbeat: 160 BPM @ 11 + 6

Sorry I have been AFKish. Being pregnant, writing a master’s thesis, going to classes, taking care of my family, and raiding tombs is hard work.

Had my “first” prenatal appointment with my hot doctor last Thursday, when I was 11+6. Though chronologically it was the second, the time slot was actually appropriate for a “first” appointment this time. I was surprised when I walked into the clinic and the desk staff greeted me by name and began asking me excited questions about my pregnancy. I’m guessing they don’t get tons of pregnant women through there. So different from the Utah OB clinic I went to for my first pregnancy, where the office staff was rude as all get and didn’t give a damn about your pregnancy.

The sign in the waiting room of my last OB clinic. *shudder*

The sign in the waiting room of my last OB clinic. *shudder*

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