A rant about paternalistic pro-choicers

Paternalistic, yes. Pro-choice? Not even close.


Yesterday I posted a thread at BabyandBump wherein I stated my desire to not submit to prenatal STD screening, and asked if anyone felt the same way. I did this thinking that BnB is generally a pretty accepting place that encourages women to support one another in their different choices. You can do a thread at BnB on how you are “the other woman” having a baby with a married man, or how you are aborting your Down Syndrome baby because your amniocentesis came back positive for that. You can go to the protected “Gender Disappointment” forum and cry blue rivers of tears because your perfectly healthy baby is a girl instead of a boy. And you know what? You may get some condemnations, but generally people will be supportive of your feelings and choices.

Well, I learned yesterday that the one thing you are not allowed to be at BnB is a woman who feels confident that she has no STDs and wants to opt out of prenatal screening for them. This will cause a swarm of posters to shrilly denounce you as a heartless, selfish, arrogant, hypocritical bitch who has no compassion or concern for her unborn child. You are especially not allowed to stick around and defend your choice against these accusations, because then you were intentionally provoking the abuse and it’s all your fault. [1]

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