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Team Green

When I was pregnant with DD, I found out the sex at my 20-week ultrasound. No judgment towards anyone who wants to do that, but this time around, I have decided that I do not want to know baby’s sex in advance. I want the “delivery room surprise” experience.

My husband wants to learn the baby’s sex. His big objection was that he wants to know what kind of clothing to buy in advance, boy or girl—yeah, that’s right, in our home, it’s the dude who’s concerned about buying cute baby stuff!

The other day, I hit upon a realization:

We’re going to name our daughter “Ivy.” So while green is normally seen as more of a masculine color, it will work splendidly for a little girl named “Ivy.” We can just decorate the baby’s room in green, buy green clothing and blankets, get a green car carrier, etc. I told my husband about this plan, and he said, “That’s brilliant.”

I’ve also been doing some thinking about diapering. Disposable diapers cost roughly ~$1000 a year, and there’s a good chance our baby will be in diapers for at least 2 years. (I admit it: DD was in diapers for 3.5 years, and is still struggling to conquer nighttime bed-wetting. But she has disabilities.) So, I’m thinking about doing cloth diapers this time. Not only that, but I’m thinking about making my own cloth diapers (which is the really cheap way to get it done). I mean, I have 29.5 weeks until this baby is born. Plenty of time for some sewing.

I’ll have a forthcoming post on my adventures in sewing cloth diapers very soon.

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Status of Human Being Under Construction: 25% Complete

Yup, I am 10 weeks pregnant today. If a pregnancy is 40 weeks long, then I am 25% done with it. I can do what I just did three more times, right? . . . Right?

Of course, in reality, pregnancy lasts ~38 weeks, so I’m not really 25% done until 11 weeks + 3.5 days (because that’s really 9 weeks + 3.5 days). But, whatever. If doctors are going to insist on counting those two weeks before I got pregnant, I can, too.

My symptoms so far:

  • An occasional excess of stretchy, stringy, white (sometimes yellow-tinged) cervical mucus. It’s a bit like egg-white cervical mucus, but cloudier and not clear. It looks exactly like snot. That snot funny.
  • Fatigue. It’s been better since my doctor put me on a low dosage of levothyroxine for my sub-clinical hypothyroidism, but it’s still there.
  • Twinges, tugging sensations and (very rarely) even cramping in my abdomen or lower back.
  • I had one morning of repeat vomiting, at 7+1. My stomach was empty and it was all water and phlegm, and then it was dry heaving. Since then I’ve tried to make sure I have at least a little bit of food in my stomach at all times (even if it’s just crackers or something), and that seems to be working. I haven’t thrown up since. (The only time I threw up during DD’s pregnancy was when my stomach was empty, so I think that’s a thing with me.)
  • One morning of mild pink, barely-there spotting following very vigorous coitus. I Regret Nothing (Bear)
  • Nausea. Almost all the time. I know I won’t throw up, but I just don’t feel well and don’t feel like eating. I am hoping to God that the placenta will kick in soon and give me some relief.
  • I have no visible bump yet (I’m 6’0″; I tend to hide pregnancy well), but I can feel pressure in my abdomen when I lay on my stomach.

Hot doctor called me up yesterday, but I missed his call. His message said that I was right about my blood being Rh-negative (duh) and he wanted to talk to me about what that means. I’m very curious to hear what it is he thinks he needs to tell me, because as I understand it, I won’t need a RhoGam shot until we do an amniocentesis (~16 weeks?) or 28 weeks if we decide not to do amnio. I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and the amnio will tell me that baby is Rh-negative so that I won’t need any more shots at 28 weeks or after delivery. Anyways, there’s no reason he couldn’t wait until our appointment the first week of March (when I’ll be 11+6) to talk to me about Rh-negative blood. So why he be dialing me up?

Maybe he misses me and he wanted an excuse to hear my sexy voice. I’m gonna go with that.

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Our Baby’s Name ♂: Serge Constantine and Why We Love It

Constantine gives Lucifer the finger as he ascends into heaven in the 2005 film *Constantine.* It is my professional opinion as a church historian that Protestant Reformer Martin Luther did something similar immediately after his death, 18 February 1546.

Constantine gives Lucifer the finger as he ascends into heaven in the 2005 film *Constantine.* It is my professional opinion as a church historian that Protestant Reformer Martin Luther did something similar immediately after his death, 18 February 1546.

I know, this one is very unusual, even weird, but bear with me!

Constantine is a name that I have always loved. Always. It’s partially due to my undergraduate background in classics, partially due to my knowledge of early Christian history, and partially due to my love of comic books (and yes, I thought the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie was decent, even if it had little to do with the comic book. I mean, almost anything with Tilda Swinton in it is decent. Except for Vanilla Sky, but I digress.). I just think it sounds regal and noble and I love its meaning. When I first became pregnant with DD in 2005, one of the first boy names I suggested to my husband was Bruce Constantine. At first he liked it, but later decided he wasn’t fond of “Bruce” for a first name. But the “Constantine” part has stuck with us.

When I first asked DH what kind of names he liked for a boy, he began rattling off French names, with Serge and Cecil near the top of his list. DH spent two years of his life in France and I think that’s where his affection for French names comes from. At first I was like, “Not a chance.” But later he became obsessed with naming a boy “Azrael,” and suddenly Serge and Cecil seemed perfectly tame.

I later learned that Serge is from the Latin family name Sergius, so it actually fits my classics background well. Some sources say that it means “servant,” but others say the meaning is uncertain, that it’s just a family name. Whatever the case, I decided I could give him “Serge.”

As with Evelyn Ivy, we plan to call this baby by his middle name, so it will effectively be “Constantine.” “Serge Constantine” just sounds better than “Constantine Serge,” and we like the idea of calling him “Constantine” better.

We’ve gotten a lot of negative feedback from friends and relatives when we’ve mentioned this choice, because of how unusual it is, but it turns out that variations of both “Serge” and “Constantine” are very common in other countries. “Serge,” “Sergio,” “Sergi” or “Sergei” is common in places like France, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Romania, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Bulgaria. “Constantine,” “Constantin,” “Konstantin,” “Konstantine,” and “Konstantinos” is common in pretty much any country where Eastern Orthodox Christianity is prevalent. People need to stop being so xenophobic.

My advice to the haters is as ever: go out, get laid, make your own baby, and name it whatever you want. You sound like you need to get laid, anyways. And if you wanna name your kid something boring like John Michael, go for it. Let me have mine and you can have yours.

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My (sort-of) first prenatal was amazing and I love my doctor

So I had my first prenatal today–sort of. Let me talk about the “sort of” part first. Basically, the office staff screwed up my scheduling and did not allot enough time for the doctor to do everything that should be done at a first prenatal, so my appointment lacked a pelvic exam and ultrasound. Those have been set up for my next appointment on March 7, when I’ll be nearly 12 weeks. I am admittedly irritated about this because my husband took off work today to be at this appointment, and I don’t know whether he’ll be able to do that again next month.

The amazing part was my conversation with my hot doctor. He was wonderful as he ever is. We were very much on the same wavelength and practically finishing each other’s sentences. I asked him at one point if he thought I was being a pretentious know-it-all and wanted me to shut up and let him do the talking, and he said, “Are you kidding? I think it’s awesome that you’re so informed.”

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A rant about paternalistic pro-choicers

Paternalistic, yes. Pro-choice? Not even close.


Yesterday I posted a thread at BabyandBump wherein I stated my desire to not submit to prenatal STD screening, and asked if anyone felt the same way. I did this thinking that BnB is generally a pretty accepting place that encourages women to support one another in their different choices. You can do a thread at BnB on how you are “the other woman” having a baby with a married man, or how you are aborting your Down Syndrome baby because your amniocentesis came back positive for that. You can go to the protected “Gender Disappointment” forum and cry blue rivers of tears because your perfectly healthy baby is a girl instead of a boy. And you know what? You may get some condemnations, but generally people will be supportive of your feelings and choices.

Well, I learned yesterday that the one thing you are not allowed to be at BnB is a woman who feels confident that she has no STDs and wants to opt out of prenatal screening for them. This will cause a swarm of posters to shrilly denounce you as a heartless, selfish, arrogant, hypocritical bitch who has no compassion or concern for her unborn child. You are especially not allowed to stick around and defend your choice against these accusations, because then you were intentionally provoking the abuse and it’s all your fault. [1]

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