Reflections on the 2nd Trimester

I am now 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant, which means I am on the last day of my second trimester. I am also exactly three months from my due date (September 20th). Here’s what I see looking back:

Most Favorite Parts of the Second Trimester:

  • Seeing my baby thoroughly at the 15.5-week pre-amniocentesis ultrasound.
  • Getting good news from my amniocentesis results.
  • Having more energy and not feeling nauseous and tired all the time.
  • Getting to hear my daughter take a strong preference on baby’s sex. She wants it to be a girl and gets mad at me if I say it could be a boy. Makes me chuckle.
  • Not having any new/recurring stretch marks (yet).

The biggest milestone in terms of baby’s development was hitting V-day. Now, at almost 27 weeks, if I were to go into labor today, my baby would have roughly a  ~90% chance of survival.

Least Favorite Parts of the First Trimester

  • The return of my hemorrhoids, which I first developed during my pregnancy with DD.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Going into the emergency room because I was worried I might have a blood clot, which turned out to be a minor muscle strain.

There hasn’t been much for me to hate about this trimester. My personal life has been tumultuous, but that’s not the pregnancy’s fault. Here’s hoping the third trimester is just as good! (This is unlikely as I am sure to take on fatigue, stretch marks, and sore, engorged breasts come next trimester, but still.)

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on the 2nd Trimester

  1. Magree

    You never know. On all but my first pregnancy I didn’t get the engorged breasts until after birth. And on my second, I hardly noticed any new stretch marks (it’s the one I gained the least on, but not by much).

    Here’s hoping you have a great 3rd trimester!

  2. Sadly, my breasts became ridiculously painful and engorged just prior to the birth of Harley. I tried to tell DH how painful they were, and he (not taking me seriously) said, “So you wouldn’t like it if I did this?” and squeezed them. I screamed, and a look of horror came over his face as he realized what a moron he’d just been.

    Maybe they’ll do the same this time, maybe they won’t. We’ll see!

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