4 Months

Well, here he is. 4 months of age. He was weighed at 3 months + 11 days and found to be 16 lbs and about 26 inches. So I’m guessing he is now 17 lbs, 26-27 in. (He’ll have an official weigh-in at his 4-month check-up on Friday). His newest nickname is “Chunky Monkey.”

UPDATE 1-31-2014: 17 lbs exactly, 26.5 inches

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New baby photo dump

Constantine doesn’t have craniosynostosis.

And now for some pictures of him, in no particular order, because I’m too lazy to arrange them:


3 weeks.

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A (belated) blogiversary

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I started this blog (November 15, 2012). My doctor took my Mirena out on November 26, 2012. Now I have a beautiful son to care for, and my doctor installed a new Mirena on November 15, 2013. The circle has closed.

I’m not entirely certain of the future of this blog. I might simply use it to blog about pregnancy and childbirth in general, I might not.

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