V-Day Updates

Looks like it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Here are some updates on my life:

  • Baby is a girl, confirmed via both NIPS at 10 weeks and ultrasound at 20. NuHusband hasn’t agreed to a name yet; I want Lyra or Ada.
  • I took a new job that’s 10 minutes from where I live and way less stressful than my old job (which was 1 hour from where I lived).
  • Saturday was my V-day (24 weeks). Ironic, since it was the day after the other V-day (Valentine’s Day).
  • I hired a doula, Betsy Weber. My last doula, Nicole Cison, has since retired from the business (*sob*). Betsy actually had Nicole as a doula for her last birth, so it’s cool that we have that connection.
  • Due date is 6.6.20, but we will induce on 6.4.20 if baby hasn’t come by then.
  • I just got my 3rd stripe on my jiu-jitsu white belt, which is good because I’m about to switch to observation-only when I hit third trimester.

Anyhow, I have begun getting baby girl’s room ready, and I can’t even believe that I’m going to have a real nursery for the first time (!). I have an entire 13′ x 12′ room to dedicate to just the baby. Going for a mint-and-pink theme. I still have Constantine’s 4-in-1 crib/changer combo (crib, toddler bed, changer, full size bed), so that’s already set up. DD (b. 2006) came in while I was working on the room yesterday and called the room “small.” I laughed so hard. She lived in a walk-in closet for most of her baby/toddler years and now lives in the original master bedroom of the house (18′ x 11′), and now she calls the baby’s room “small.” I died.

I got this unfinished dresser from Ikea this weekend and painted it. The bottom drawer is teal, the middle is mint, and the top is pink. I can’t wait to do the rest of the room!

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