Reflections on the 3rd Trimester

Well, here I am. If this post is running, it’s because today is my due date. Though the third trimester technically goes on until I deliver, I figure 13 weeks of third trimester is plenty enough to reflect on it.

Most Favorite Parts of the Third Trimester

  • Going back to work
  • Getting into my fantastic new apartment and away from my nightmare landlady
  • Having a beautiful baby shower
  • Feeling my little troll continue to kick and roll around
  • Getting close to delivery and knowing that my baby will be here soon
  • Seeing my daughter’s growing excitement and affection for her little sibling
  • Finishing my newborn cloth diapers

Least Favorite Parts of the Third Trimester

  • The physical symptoms. Really, I’m not sure that there are any good physical symptoms in the third trimester. In sum: feeling huge, a belly that just won’t get out of your way, more acid reflux, more hemorrhoids.
  • Having to be a contortionist to cut my own toenails or trim my lady garden
  • My marital stress (though at this point, I think I’ve reached the “acceptance” stage of grief and made peace with the reality that my marriage is dead. I just haven’t decided yet where to dump the body.)
  • People who think it’s acceptable to call me “fat” or “fatso.” A lady at church did this to me twice on Sunday. Seriously, not appreciated.
  • Finding out that I’m GBS+

That’s it for now. Here’s hoping bubs stays put till Sunday night so that my hot doctor will be back in town to deliver him/her!

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