Going back to work pregnant


Last week I really hit the grind at turning in job applications. Like, went onto Monster.com and submitted 30 of them in one afternoon, then went to every other job listing place and submitted as many as I could. My efforts were rewarded by my phone ringing off the hook for two days with calls from recruiters and temp agencies who believed I might be a good fit for something they wanted. (It helps that I apparently keyboard at 92 WPM. Who says telling people they’re wrong on the Internet and playing World of Warcraft can’t teach you real life skills?)

As I began setting up interviews, I mulled over the question: should I tell my interviewer that I’m pregnant? One friend whom I respect so much told me that ethically, I should, and legally, I shouldn’t. I read on some Web sites that disclosing a pregnancy can put an interviewer in a difficult position because, legally, s/he isn’t supposed to factor that into his/her hiring decision, but pragmatically, one can understand why an employer doesn’t want to have to cover a maternity leave in a matter of months. Ultimately, I disclosed it to two interviewers that I talked to and did my darndest to hide it from two others, so I got some experience with both options. For one of my interviews, I even scrunched my bump into a corset-like body shaper, wore a jacket over my blouse, inhaled, and prayed that I would just look like a slightly chunky woman.

On Thursday, I was contacted by Office Team with the offer of a 3-month temp contract right here in my home town. It did not pay as much as some of the other offers I was considering, and the hours are not ideal for me (for some reason, the people in this office like to work 10 AM – 6:30 PM!) but OfficeTeam was one of the companies wherein I had disclosed my pregnancy, and with 2.5 months left till my due date, the contract is nearly perfect for me, so I accepted. Friday was my first day of full-time paid work in almost 7 years (and for the record, I already hate “business casual”). I feel exhausted by the events of the past week, but I am so grateful to be working full-time again and earning my own paycheck.

(Also, the small office I’m working at is awesome and has some very friendly people there. One woman who is working there now was hired last year while she was pregnant, and she’s still there now, which means they decided to keep her after her maternity leave in spite of having no legal obligation to. They also buy the entire office Panera every day and everyone takes their lunch break together, sitting around the conference table like a big family. It’s pretty cool.)

For the most part, I haven’t yet told the other recruiters and temp agencies that I have found something and will not be considering their offers any further. I’ll do that this week.

And today, I am going to go buy a few more pieces of maternity clothing so that I’ll have some more professional outfits to wear at the office!

Brief updates on other frustrating factors in our lives:

  • I may be homeless come the end of this month. The apartment complex we applied to that told us we were getting in is jerking us around. I’m also on the verge of filing a complaint against them for violating the Fair Housing Act with pregnancy and disabilities discrimination. Maybe more on that later.
  • My husband’s boss is wildly abusive and I’m tired of my husband putting up with it and if he wants to keep putting up with it and not look for a new job, I wish he would just suffer in silence and stop bothering me about it. Because my only advice to him at this point is, “Wait until we get into a new apartment and then get the hell out of there!” There’s a part of me that’s still really seething at him for insisting on sticking with this awful, low-paying job so that I have to go back to work in my third trimester in order to make ends meet around here.
  • I was supposed to have an appointment yesterday with hot doctor. He called me about an hour before the appointment to cancel it. Said he was tired and just couldn’t do it. He wanted to reschedule me for next week, but he’s only available in the afternoons then, and I told him about the new job and that I just wouldn’t push my employers to let me bend my schedule when I’m new there. I’m mildly annoyed that he canceled, because if he hadn’t told me to schedule for that special time slot on Saturday, I’d have seen one of the other doctors in the clinic on Friday. I canceled my Friday appointment when he told me to schedule the Saturday one. So it looks like I’m not getting a 30-week check-up. My next appointment is the 26th when I’m 32 weeks.

Also, at 30 weeks gestation, Ivytine is now 95% viable! Congratulations, Ivytine!

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One thought on “Going back to work pregnant

  1. Cheri

    Congrats on the new job! Hope all your other needs fall into place in a timely manner.

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