Sewing Cloth Diapers Part IV: Dark Green Diapers

31 diapers (15 dark green, 15 mint green, and 1 green-and-blue starburst prototype) have now been completed:

14 to go.

Lessons learned:

  • Berry recommends 1 cone of white thread for every 15 diapers that you sew. I found that this was WAY more thread than you need. I completed 29-30 diapers with a spool of 500 yds and a spool of 1100 yds, so you certainly don’t need more than 1000 yds for every 15 diapers you sew. (I did use pale green for the interior of some of these diapers, whereas Berry used all white. Just the same, you definitely do not need 3000 yds per set of 15!)
  • Having exhausted my last spool of white thread, I did begin working with the cone, and I did have some trouble with breakage. Going to keep experimenting with it, but if the breaks become too cumbersome, I will just purchase one more spool of white thread.
  • Ladies in laundromats who think they know everything about sewing and won’t stop touching your machine and trying to tell you what to do while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry are ANNOYING.
  • Keeping your pins in your diaper and sewing over them = bad. Broke my first needle that way.

Anyways, I’m getting sick of sewing these cloth diapers now. It definitely gets tiresome after about 30 diapers. Want to finish up this project soon so that I can move onto my next maternity project: sewing slipcovers in order to revive the cushions on my dirty, nasty rocker-glider that’s been sitting in the attic forever.

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2 thoughts on “Sewing Cloth Diapers Part IV: Dark Green Diapers

  1. Magree

    I’ve always found the hardest part of doing a project is from 50% complete to 75% complete. The first half is exciting because you’re still figuring everything out. The last bit is exciting because you’re almost there. It’s that late middle part that is a real drag. Hang in there. You’ll be done before you know it. And the cutest diapers are up next!

  2. Yes! I’ve decided that I’m going to finish the 4 newborn starburst diapers, just so I can get those newborns done. Then I will worry about the other 10.

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