Sewing Cloth Diapers Part III: Mint-Colored Diapers

Today I finished my mint-colored diapers with the white lining:

Altogether, I made 5 newborn mint-colored diapers and 10 one-size-fits-most mint-colored diapers. (The newborns actually still need their top “male” umbilical snap, but I’m going to wait until all of my newborn diapers are done to take those to my tailor and have those applied).

I decided to start on the mint because, of the three green color combinations I selected, these were my least favorite, so I figured I would make my beginner’s errors on these. The green-and-blue starburst diapers are my favorite, so I will do those last.

I’ve kind of found that working on these diapers is relaxing. I’ll get a DVD from Netflix, put it in, and work on the diapers while keeping my eye on the television. Works out well.

For the record, I got a spool of 274 yds of mint green thread and wound up finishing these diapers with plenty of mint green thread to spare. I used considerably more white thread. I’m not sure how much, but one spool of 300 yds or so for sure, and it looks like at least half of a spool of 1094 yds.

In How to Make (All-in-One, One-Size-Fits-Most) Cloth Diapers, Jennifer C. Berry recommends buying cones of thread when possible because you can get so much more thread in a cone for very little money. She says you can get an attachment to use the cone on your sewing machine. When I was shopping for supplies, I asked the sales associate at Joann if they had one of these cone attachments. She acted like this was a bizarre question and asked me why I would want such a thing. I explained what the book said. She said cone thread is thinner and easier to break than regular spools of thread and I wouldn’t want to use it on a sewing machine. I was kind of annoyed by her response because she didn’t answer the question. Anyways, I’m just going to use clay or something to make the cone fit my sewing machine and report back if I have any trouble with breaks.

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3 thoughts on “Sewing Cloth Diapers Part III: Mint-Colored Diapers

  1. Magree

    I did the same thing when making diapers; watching movies and doing my least favorite first. 🙂

    As for the spool issue, I just duck tape a pen to the spindle. The cone wobbles a little, but it works.

  2. Our JoAnn’s actually does sell the cone holder, it’s over with the sewing machine pins and things like that. Sometimes it does break more easily, but more often than not, it works about the same. I love sewing diapers, I find it relaxing too 🙂

  3. MaybeWithLove ~ Welcome to the blog! I’m sorry I did not notice your comment in my comment queue so I could get it out sooner.

    Thanks for the feedback on the cone thread. Yes, I’m about out of spool thread and going to move on to the cone.

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