The Other Halfway

A pregnancy isn’t really 40 weeks. It’s 38 because the first two weeks you aren’t even pregnant.

Today I am 21 weeks pregnant, which means my baby’s gestational age is 19 weeks, which means I have reached the true halfway point. So yay for me.

Not much new to report. Though the substitute doctor was nice enough, he was over an hour late to an 8:45 AM appointment (!), and I had an appointment at a temp agency at 11:00 AM, so this was a bad day for my doctor to be so late. Though he was cute, he was nowhere near as cute as Sark. (Because that’s what really matters in a doctor, right? ;))

He wants to see me again for a “social follow-up” on the 29th. I’m not sure if that means he wants to get to know me better or he wants to talk about my “social stressors,” i. e. my separation. I’ve made the appointment, but if I am working by then, I’m canceling it. There’s no way I am taking more time off work than I need to.

I’m a little stressed on top of everything else right now because the Social Security office has canceled my daughter’s SSI for June on account of them losing the paperwork I submitted. My experience with SSI has been that once they cancel your payments for a month, it doesn’t matter if it was their mistake, nor does it matter how many caseworkers you meet with or appeals you file; you will not get it for that month. At best you will get a double-payment the following month. That will still leave me needing a way to pay my rent on June 1st, so I really hope I’m working soon. (Yes, I could call my stepmother and borrow the SSI money for a month until they get my case straightened out, but I was hoping to avoid having to borrow any money from her.)

I just finished finals. I have a few papers to finish and then I will throw myself entirely into my job search. I did well on all of the temp agency’s exams, so I am hopeful they will put me to at least earning some income soon. They sounded optimistic as well.

I can now add “acid reflux” to my still-short second trimester symptoms list. It’s irritating but manageable.

What I have coming up:

  • May 14th — 21-week ultrasound
  • May 31st – June 3rd — Traveling to Georgia for sister-in-law’s wedding
  • June 13th — Seeing my one-and-only hot doctor for a routine 2nd trimester check-up, as that is when he is back in the office. I’ll be 25-almost-26 weeks
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