My kind of pro-breastfeeding article

Hilarious must-read:

7. I can instantly comfort my screaming baby without having to troubleshoot the actual problem. Sometimes I’m too tired or busy to try to figure out what the baby is crying about, so I just nurse him. Nine times out of 10, shoving a boob in his mouth calms him down immediately. Note: This also works with his father.

And that’s just one of them.

Tomorrow I have an interview with another doula. I will probably make a decision on whom to hire after that.

And on Tuesday morning I have my amniocentesis. Gulp!

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One thought on “My kind of pro-breastfeeding article

  1. I could very much relate to number 4 and 5 of that article. I’m absolutely too forgetful as a person to ever bottle feed my child.
    And number 7 is just so true. If in doubt breastfeed the baby. It solves all parenting problems. Its food, comfort, sleep, silence all rolled into one.

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