Fetal Heartbeat: 160 BPM @ 11 + 6

Sorry I have been AFKish. Being pregnant, writing a master’s thesis, going to classes, taking care of my family, and raiding tombs is hard work.

Had my “first” prenatal appointment with my hot doctor last Thursday, when I was 11+6. Though chronologically it was the second, the time slot was actually appropriate for a “first” appointment this time. I was surprised when I walked into the clinic and the desk staff greeted me by name and began asking me excited questions about my pregnancy. I’m guessing they don’t get tons of pregnant women through there. So different from the Utah OB clinic I went to for my first pregnancy, where the office staff was rude as all get and didn’t give a damn about your pregnancy.

The sign in the waiting room of my last OB clinic. *shudder*

The sign in the waiting room of my last OB clinic. *shudder*

Once I got to seeing Dr. Sark, we talked for a little bit. I don’t want to go into details (I didn’t even want to go into details for him), but we talked about my marriage. I feel like my husband has been very immature and self-absorbed as of late–actually, he’s always been immature, but it’s been really bad as of late–and he hasn’t been lifting a finger to help me around the house or even do the things that I have specifically asked him to do. I don’t like bitching about my marriage to other people, so I felt guilty talking to a hot 20-something doctor about it. But talk I did. In my defense, he pried it out of me. I also mentioned that I’d been playing the new 2013 Tomb Raider this past week, and he scowled at me and said, “You’re one of THOSE people?” I was like, “‘Those people?’ What kind of judgmental comment is that??” (Next time he pulls that on me, I think it’s time to have a little chat about his Caribbean medical degree…)

I had opened the window to the room while waiting for him so that I could look at the beautiful Chicago snow. After the chat portion of our appointment, he walked over to the window to close the blinds, and began apologetically stammering through why he was closing it. I was like, “Yes, yes, I think I understand why we want the blinds closed for the next part of the exam.” He smirked, “Unless you want to keep it open…” “Nope, nope, don’t think so.”

I got into a gown and he came back with a female nurse named Mary and we did the pelvic exam and PAP smear. At one point he asked me if I was comfortable, and I said (in a tone that made it perfectly clear that I thought this was a stupid question), “As comfortable as I can be.” Mary apologetically interjected, “It’s a guy thing.” I joked that I was glad he wasn’t taking pictures of me with a hidden camera pen around his neck, though “You wouldn’t get any money for those pictures anyway.”

Mary departed and Dr. Sark took out a doppler thing, put some gel on my tummy, and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. It was about 160 BPM and sounded like a little horse galloping. Something about it just makes this pregnancy thing real to me, that my baby was there and alive and (so far as we know) healthy.

I have an amniocentesis scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, April 2, and my next appointment with Dr. Sark happens on Monday, April 8. I will actually see him this Thursday to seek ADHD medication for my daughter, but won’t report back on that unless something interesting and pregnancy-related happens.

Last thing: when I was making the ADHD appointment, the nurse who called me back was Mary. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hi, Mary, I think we met at my prenatal appointment last Thursday.”

Her (sounding confused): “No . . . not that I recall.”

Me: “Oh. Is there another nurse Mary who works there?”

Her: “Not that I know of.”

Me: “So you don’t recall helping Dr. Sark with a pelvic exam last Thursday?”

Her: “Oh! Yes, I did. Now I remember you.”

What she wanted to say: “It’s hard to recognize you by your name or voice. Now if I had only seen your vagina first, I would have known who it was right away!”

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2 thoughts on “Fetal Heartbeat: 160 BPM @ 11 + 6

  1. I’m sorry about how you’ve been feeling toward your husband. Have you tried to talk to him? Do you think he is having a hard time understanding your perspective on where you are at?

    I’m so glad for you for hearing the heartbeat! I saw mine today for the first time. It totally makes it real.

  2. Yup. I have tried talking to my husband multiple times. I have sat down and logically and politely laid everything out and told him why I am frustrated. I have cried, begged, and yelled. I have stewed and acted irritable all of the time hoping he will get tired of me being like this and make changes. He never argues with me and always agrees with me that he ought to be doing the things that I am asking him to do, and then when push comes to shove, he doesn’t get it done and the excuses come rolling out.

    Apart from his complete lack of helping me with the housework (he spends 1.5-2 hours a day helping out a co-worker now, so his lack of helping me with the housework REALLY pisses me off), he has been making very poor decisions with our finances and it is stressing me out. Since December, over $800 of our money has been loaned or given away to his co-workers (for stupid reasons) or improperly charged by a company that didn’t have permission to debit our account, and he won’t lift a finger to get any of it back.

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