Team Green

When I was pregnant with DD, I found out the sex at my 20-week ultrasound. No judgment towards anyone who wants to do that, but this time around, I have decided that I do not want to know baby’s sex in advance. I want the “delivery room surprise” experience.

My husband wants to learn the baby’s sex. His big objection was that he wants to know what kind of clothing to buy in advance, boy or girl—yeah, that’s right, in our home, it’s the dude who’s concerned about buying cute baby stuff!

The other day, I hit upon a realization:

We’re going to name our daughter “Ivy.” So while green is normally seen as more of a masculine color, it will work splendidly for a little girl named “Ivy.” We can just decorate the baby’s room in green, buy green clothing and blankets, get a green car carrier, etc. I told my husband about this plan, and he said, “That’s brilliant.”

I’ve also been doing some thinking about diapering. Disposable diapers cost roughly ~$1000 a year, and there’s a good chance our baby will be in diapers for at least 2 years. (I admit it: DD was in diapers for 3.5 years, and is still struggling to conquer nighttime bed-wetting. But she has disabilities.) So, I’m thinking about doing cloth diapers this time. Not only that, but I’m thinking about making my own cloth diapers (which is the really cheap way to get it done). I mean, I have 29.5 weeks until this baby is born. Plenty of time for some sewing.

I’ll have a forthcoming post on my adventures in sewing cloth diapers very soon.

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One thought on “Team Green

  1. I am totally not going to be able to wait!! But I’m impressed with your fortitude. Also impressed with your sewing goals!

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