My (sort-of) first prenatal was amazing and I love my doctor

So I had my first prenatal today–sort of. Let me talk about the “sort of” part first. Basically, the office staff screwed up my scheduling and did not allot enough time for the doctor to do everything that should be done at a first prenatal, so my appointment lacked a pelvic exam and ultrasound. Those have been set up for my next appointment on March 7, when I’ll be nearly 12 weeks. I am admittedly irritated about this because my husband took off work today to be at this appointment, and I don’t know whether he’ll be able to do that again next month.

The amazing part was my conversation with my hot doctor. He was wonderful as he ever is. We were very much on the same wavelength and practically finishing each other’s sentences. I asked him at one point if he thought I was being a pretentious know-it-all and wanted me to shut up and let him do the talking, and he said, “Are you kidding? I think it’s awesome that you’re so informed.”

The things we went over:

  • Date of LMP
  • Date I got a positive pregnancy test
  • Number of pregnancies that I’ve had (or in other words, have I ever had a miscarriage?)
  • Complications from my last pregnancy
  • My current symptoms, especially nausea and vomiting
  • Amniocentesis and whether or not I wanted one this time since DD was born with a chromosomal anomaly (this question is undecided for me)
  • The very mild, pink spotting that I had this morning. Him: “Did you guys have sex beforehand?” Me: “Yes, quite vigorously.” Him: “It’s probably nothing to be concerned about then.”
  • My questions

His significant answers to my questions were as follows:

What is your philosophy on pregnancy and parturition? In particular, how do you envision your role as my prenatal care provider?

He said that he tries to facilitate his patients’ desires and not impose his views on controversial issues such as breastfeeding or pain medication. Whatever the patient wants, he does not rush them and does not try to railroad them into any one course of treatment unless it’s really medically indicated. He pretty much assured me that this pregnancy will be all about me and what I want, and made it clear that he’s worked with natural childbirth before. The whole of this answer practically made me giddy.

You are a resident here. Will there be another doctor overseeing my baby’s delivery? Will we know who it is beforehand, and will I have the chance to meet him/her? To what extent will you be making the recommendations and decisions about my treatment?

Yes, there will be an attending physician, no, we will not know for sure who it is until the time of delivery. He said that residents are pretty much given complete authority to make recommendations and decisions regarding patient treatment.

How many babies have you delivered? How many were c-sections?

41 deliveries, 3 were c-sections. That is a c-section rate of 7.3%—small sample size, but still. He said he has done more deliveries than any other second year resident and that he loves doing it.

What happens if my baby is breech?

If my baby is breech and version fails, I get a c-section. This is the one answer that I wasn’t really happy with, because I would prefer to at least attempt a breech delivery if it isn’t footling breech or something. Still, I guess I’ll worry about crossing this bridge when I come to it. He did explain the c-section process and what he would be doing for me if it comes to that.

He left the exam room and came back a few minutes later with an after-visit summary and orders for labs. Listed were orders for just about every STD screen imaginable. Ah, so we were going to get to have “that talk” after all.

I said that I’d like to opt out of the STD screens, he asked why and listened to my reasons, then he said, “I know I just said I wouldn’t push any one view on you and would try to facilitate your desires, so you’re going to think I’m going back on that, but…” and we spent several minutes discussing the matter. The words, “I have a better chance of getting raped by Justin Bieber than I do of catching HIV from a tattoo needle or Rhogam shot” may have been heard, but the discussion was entirely respectful. In the end, we reached an agreement: we would only test for STDs once and wouldn’t do it again later in the pregnancy, and he would advocate for everything else that I wanted “within reason.” We pinky swore on it, his suggestion.

I may have been more stubborn and stuck to my guns more with a doctor that I liked less, but I think that a good doctor-patient relationship is like a good marriage. There’s give-and-take and sometimes, you just have to compromise. And I am okay with that. (Besides, that concern-face he was sporting was so gosh darned adorable. He could end wars with that face.)

The doctor shook my husband’s hand then hugged me (we are on a hugging basis, apparently), and thus ended my first prenatal appointment. I think any appointment that ends with a hot guy pressing his body against you is probably a good appointment, no? 😉

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4 thoughts on “My (sort-of) first prenatal was amazing and I love my doctor

  1. “Yes, quite vigorously.”

    Good for you, girl!

    Also, sounds like the prenatal went great and your hot doctor is remaining up to standards. Awesome.

  2. “Yes, quite vigorously.”

    Good for you!!

    Also, sounds like the prenatal went well and your hot doctor is remaining up to standards.

  3. Ooops. Double post. Couldn’t get it to work. Anyhow, that’s how strong I feel about it. x2.

  4. Ha, ha, thanks. And yes, he is performing up to standards.

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