A Sibylline Dream?

I mentioned in a previous post that on the night connecting January 4th to January 5th, I had a dream wherein my hot doctor told me I was pregnant. I left out of that post a significant component of that dream. This was part of my actual journal entry for Saturday, January 5th, 2013:

I had such a strange dream last night. I dreamed that [hot doctor] . . . somehow managed to do a pregnancy test without telling me–which is weird, because I don’t recall giving him any blood or urine. And he was so delighted and excited to tell me I was pregnant. But I was annoyed with him for doing a test without my permission.

I woke up and the thing that excited me most about the dream was that oneiric hot doctor had told me I was pregnant. I thought about the other part of the dream–the part where he tested for pregnancy without my permission–and thought, “Woman, you crazy. He can’t do a pregnancy test unless you give him blood or urine.” So I put that part of the dream out of my mind and only told people about the part where the doctor told me I was pregnant, especially once I got my first positive pregnancy test at 12 DPO.

The dream occurred at 7-8 DPO. I spoke to my doctor on the phone on January 8th at 11 DPO, on a matter related to one of my daughter’s many treatments. I mentioned to him at that time that I was doing well, and beginning to suspect that I might be pregnant. I told him I’d had a dream wherein he told me I was pregnant, and he said, “You did not! That’s awesome.” He said that, if I thought I might be pregnant, he was willing to order a test to confirm. I said I’d only do that if I got a positive home pregnancy test.

The next day, I got my positive and put in a call to his office to request the test. He called me back on Friday, January 11th, at 14 DPO, and said he’d put in the order for my beta HCG quantity, “that’s your pregnancy test.” I told him I’d had multiple positive pregnancy tests at that point, and he said he was “flabbergasted” that I’d actually gotten pregnant so quickly, but was delighted that I was pregnant. He said, “I’m delivering this month, and I just talked to a midwife, and you are going to have your doula and we are going to do this right!”, which made me really happy. I said I would come in for the tests on Saturday as I did not have the car that day.

The next morning, at 7:30 AM, I paid a visit to the hospital lab for my bloodwork. I said I was there for a blood pregnancy test, and the receptionist apparently looked it up in the system and had me sign in. When I went back to have my blood drawn, the phlebotomist took no fewer than three large vials of blood. “All of that for one freaking pregnancy test?” I said in disgust. I was beginning to regret asking for this. (BTW, this phlebotomist did not have a gentle touch, and that was the most painful needle stick I’ve had in years. My elbow throbbed for at least five days afterward.)

The next day, I was poking around in the online medical records system and saw my after-visit summary for the lab visit. I opened the report and was shocked to read this:

We performed the following today


  • TSH



As I hope my account has made clear so far, the only test I requested or consented to was the beta HCG quantity. My doctor did not tell me that he had put in orders for a CBC or to check my thyroid levels again. He didn’t say anything about doing other bloodwork at all. I don’t like my blood being ninja’ed for tests that I didn’t consent to, even if I surely would have consented to them had I been asked; it’s the principle of the matter. While that alone was only mildly troubling, what really troubled me was how close this was to the dream I’d had. No, he hadn’t ordered a pregnancy test without my permission, but he had put in orders for other tests to be performed during a pregnancy test without my permission.

I spoke with him on the phone again on Tuesday, January 15th, when he told me the results of my thyroid tests and said that we needed to begin treatment for my sub-clinical hypothyroidism. I said, “Yes, about that . . . is there some reason you didn’t tell me we were running tests on my thyroid again?” He said he hadn’t known he wanted to run those other tests when he spoke to me on the phone about ordering the pregnancy test, and that he had meant for the orders for the other tests to be entered into the system for later, but somehow they had gotten entered for immediate execution and the lab had carried them out when I came in for the pregnancy test. I’m not sure that I believe him. But I stressed to him that I’d like to be informed of any tests that we’re running before we draw for them, and he said he is completely on board with that and hadn’t meant for this to happen.

I am a religious person, and my religion holds that such things as prophetic dreams exist. But I’m also an academic and something of a skeptic at heart. I remember one of my Christian girlfriends in high school bragging that she’d had a dream that she was going to marry the guy she had a crush on, and that her prophetic dreams were “99% accurate.” I internally rolled my eyes at her and thought, “Oh, so you’ve had 100 prophetic dreams and 99 of them were accurate?” (She didn’t marry this guy, btw. He eventually married his high school sweetheart, a girl she vehemently disliked, and she married someone else.) I was a terrible Pentecostal for this reason. I guess I’m kind of like a Christian version of Dana Scully (hey, the character was Roman Catholic, it can happen). I’m hesitant to call this a prophetic dream for that reason.

But you gotta admit, it was pretty darn weird just the same.

And I learned a valuable lesson: always ask what bloodwork the lab is running. Don’t let them put anything in your arm until you know for sure.

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