Our Baby’s Name ♀: Evelyn Ivy and Why I Love It

Unlike some expectant couples, DH and I are not fretting about what to name our progeny. We have known the name of our next child (whether boy or girl) for years. This post is about our potential future daughter’s name. If we have a girl, she will be named Evelyn Ivy.

I fell in love with this name just shortly after giving birth to DD, whose name is Harley Kaye. I’d always liked the name “Evelyn,” which lends itself nicely to several adorable nicknames: Evie, Eva, and Lynn. I’d also always liked the name Ivy, and thought it would be great to have daughters named Harley and Ivy. Yes, this Harley and Ivy:

Harley & Ivy

Then one day, I realized that the names Evelyn and Ivy are just perfect together. They both start with vowels and have “v” and “y” as consonants. They sound even better with DH’s surname, which has an “eye” sound and a “y” in it. It was like mixing together peanut butter, M&Ms, and nuts.

I fell in love with Evelyn Ivy back in 2007 or so, when Evelyn was #55 in the SSA Baby Names database (it was #67 according to the revised 2007 list at NameNerds.com, which counts phonetically identical names in a single slot, which the SSA database doesn’t do). By 2011, it had climbed to #24 in the SSA Database (#42 at NameNerds). So, the only thing not to love about it is that it’s getting a little on the common side for my liking. I’m going to alleviate this problem a bit by using Evelyn’s middle name as her primary name, so she’ll be known as Ivy, which is safely uncommon (#266/282 in 2011).

Even if the next baby is a boy rather than a girl, I really hope that I have a little girl for #3, because I am dying to use this name.

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2 thoughts on “Our Baby’s Name ♀: Evelyn Ivy and Why I Love It

  1. I absolutely love both of these names and the combination. I think it’s a little more old-fashioned (which I like), with an updated nickname. Super cute.

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