Our first attempt has passed (I think)

So, yesterday I woke up to a .31° F temperature increase, promising but not quite enough to signal for certain that ovulation had happened. DH and I BD’ed (baby danced) one more time when we woke up to try and make sure we were as close to ovulation as possible. My signs throughout the day were as follows:

  • My CM/CF was watery for most of the day, though I got a patch of egg white by evening. Both the egg white and the watery stuff was really clear and abundant. By late evening, the fluid was turning cloudy and white and was more creamy, and there was less of it. Now that I’ve closely observed my cervical fluid for half a cycle, I know there are days that I marked as “egg  white” on my chart that I would probably mark as either creamy or sticky now.
  • My cervix was still high, but firmer and a little more closed.
  • I took an OPK and it was slightly lighter than yesterday’s OPK (which was already just barely lighter than the control line), so I put it down as negative.

So far today, my signs have been:

  • My temperature climbed another .18° F, up a total of +.48° F since the dip. So it could be that I ovulated on CD 14 or CD 15 and am experiencing a slow rise pattern.
  • My CM/CF is creamy, cloudy white in color, and more sparse.
  • My cervix has dropped to medium and firm, but still slightly open.

I decided not to use an OPK today.

I’m hopeful that I ovulated late on CD 14 or by mid-day on CD 15. I would be pretty happy with our timing towards trying for a boy if that were the case. And even if I don’t get pregnant this cycle, I feel like I am learning a lot about my body and my fertility.

witch is due around January 14th or 15th. If she does not arrive, I am going to test on January 17th, because that is my birthday and I will be in the hospital with DD on that day, waiting for her to be discharged after a cleft palate repair surgery. Given the circumstances, a BFP could be a nice surprise on a day like that. 🙂

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