“Can I see?!”

DD has been craving a sibling for some time. When I ask her whether she wants a little brother or a little sister, she enthusiastically replies, “BOTH!” The other day I asked her how I could possibly give her both*, and she replied, “Work on it.” So, you can see she’s a very opinionated little girl.

While DH and I were BDing on Friday night, DD knocks on our bedroom door. We growl at her to go back to bed, and she says, “What are you doing?” I shout out, “We’re making you a little brother or little sister!” To which she replies (with noticeable excitement in her voice), “Can I see?!”

Obviously we could not let her see. We chased her back to bed and that was that.


* Yes, I am aware that I could hypothetically have fraternal boy-girl twins. But the chances of having twins at all, let alone this particular combination of twins, are very, very small, so I’m not counting on that.

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4 thoughts on ““Can I see?!”

  1. Haha I loved this post!

  2. Glad somebody else got a giggle out of this, and welcome to the blog!

  3. Hi…just found your blog. This post cracked me up!! Too funny. “Can I see?” hahah

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