Something other than Santa is coming…

My cervix was noticeably softer today. I’ve written it down as “medium” before, but today it was definitive, although it doesn’t feel higher (yet). Nor does it feel as soft as my lips, so I didn’t record it as “soft.” And I am definitely wetter, to the extent that I’m seeing plenty of cervical fluid when I go to the bathroom and wipe. My chart:

Fertility Chart 12-23-2012

I have decided that I definitely want to try this month, as it is the only month where I can conceive and have my due date stay safely away from my sister’s wedding window, but I’m torn between not wanting to jump the gun on conceiving a boy and not wanting to miss my chance. I am going to wait until the day after Christmas to buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). If I miss my opportunity, then I miss it, but with any luck, I’ll be ovulating shortly after Christmas.

In the meantime, I’m having my husband abstain from sex to save up his sperm count.

And yes, I am nursing a bit of a cold right now, although it’s not the worst I’ve had. I took some Advil Cold/Sinus and a nice nap this afternoon, and woke up feeling considerably better.

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