Witch has come and gone

So, the final chart for my last cycle (wherein I started tracking fertility signs):


The witch finally arrived on December 15th, but is practically gone already. It’s pretty much been a Mirena-light period, barely a trickle and already back to spotting. I’m going to assume that the Mirena had made my uterine lining thin just before I removed it, and that’s why this has been so light.

WebMD now estimates that I will be ovulating between January 2nd and January 6th. I’m torn on whether or not we will TTC this cycle. Shettles (more on Shettles later) says you should track your cycle for three months before attempting his method; I was just going to give it one. If we TTC this month, that will mean trying before I have tracked out even a single full cycle.

So whether or not we TTC will depend on how confident I’m feeling about pinpointing ovulation. If I think my CM, BBT, and OPK results are all lining up, we may give it a try. Otherwise we will wait one more month.

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3 thoughts on “Witch has come and gone

  1. When I used the shettles method with my first, we just practiced after my first period of having it removed. I then got pregnant. I am hoping that my CM is still the same but I had the copper IUD that time. The lining and everything wasn’t effected or my ovulating.

    This time I am older and thinking that the mirena is way different (better) than the copper IUD so it make take a few cycles to get it as well for me.

    I would say, just practice, you never know! haha

  2. Dee, good to see you here! My first commentator! 🙂

    I’ll probably explain all of this in a future post, but: my husband is an identical twin. We’ve had one daughter and his twin had three girls first, and then finally a boy. That’s kind of like the same man having four girls in a row. For my own part, I would be perfectly happy with a child of either sex, but we kind of want to even up our chances of having a boy.

    Glad to “meet” someone who tried the Shettles method and had it work though.

  3. I know what you mean. Everyday I am like…I want a boy….then Ill wake up and want a girl….haha I would be happy with either, but for my son, I would want a little brother. We are going to sway that way, hopefully it works again! I got lucky the first time for getting pregnant so fast and for it to work!

    Identical twins may be in you future! hehe

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