Questions for the first prenatal visit

Happy 12/12/12! This is probably the last time in your life that you will ever see all three of those dates match like that, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Temperature went up again slightly this morning, and this time I got a full night’s sleep. Still no sign of witch. Four days overdue.

Brainstorming questions to ask my doctor at my first prenatal visit…

  1. What is your philosophy on pregnancy and parturition? In particular, how do you envision your role as my prenatal care provider?
  2. You are a resident here. Will there be another doctor overseeing my baby’s delivery? Will we know who it is beforehand, and will I have the chance to meet him/her? To what extent will you be making the recommendations and decisions about my treatment?
  3. How many deliveries have you assisted with? (Follow-up question depending on number) How many were c-sections?
  4. What hospitals do you deliver out of?
  5. What happens if I’m pregnant with multiples?
  6. What happens if my baby is breech?
  7. What happens if my pregnancy moves to another high-risk category? Will my care be transferred?
  8. I asked you before about “natural childbirth,” but that term can be rather nebulous, so I thought I’d clarify. Ideally—and this is an ideal; I recognize that circumstances could change this—but ideally, when I deliver, I would like to stay off of anything that is a drug or anything that will require me to stay in a bed. That means no Pitocin, no pain medicine, no continuous fetal monitoring. Does that still sound like something that you could support?
  9. Will I be able to have a doula?

I hope he likes questions…

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