More fertility tracking, Shettles, post-Mirena improvement

The bleeding is down to light spotting again. Thank goodness. I hope I’ve passed through the worst of it. My period should be due next Friday or Saturday if I’m not pregnant from that one night of unprotected sex and my body maintains the same 29-30 day cycle that it’s been on for the past two months. While I don’t think I’m pregnant (I don’t feel like I’m having any symptoms whatsoever), I won’t at all be surprised if my post-Mirena-body makes my cycle move forward or back a few days (or even weeks) before it stabilizes.

There is still some mild cramping.

I’m trying to teach myself how to check for Cervical Mucus (CM) and Cervical Position (CP). Shettles (see below) says that CM is the most accurate indicator of ovulation.

I picked up Landrum Shettles’ How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby at the local library today, and browsed it. I last read it years ago during my first attempt at a master’s. I won’t seriously work on it though until I’m done with Mother Goose, Mother Jones, Mommie Dearest.

Also, I bought a top at New York & Co. today:

White Blouse

I love their clothes. They’re one of the few chain stores that carry affordable clothes for tall women and I shop there often. I spent about $150 there on Black Friday and they basically gave me $20 to spend there the following week as a reward, so that top didn’t cost me a dime.

Well, gotta get the rent ready for my cranky landlady for tomorrow and get in bed tonight. I have the annual Women’s Christmas Brunch at my church tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. I’m making a crab quiche for it.

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