Alias Season 5

I just finished watching Alias season 5. I began watching the show in undergrad, and kept up with it through season 4, but I think I decided to pass on season 5 because I thought watching a pregnant spy would be lame. Now I think it is awesome.


Admittedly, I am annoyed at how women in television and film always seem to have ridiculously short labors. I mean, they start having contractions and 10 minutes later, they’re pushing out a baby. But I guess I should be grateful that the show didn’t have Sydney Bristow die in childbirth (I’m looking at YOU, The Walking Dead! And Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith! And pretty much every other film/television childbirth ever.)

Anyways, I enjoyed the season. It felt a little rushed at the end, but overall it was a decent way of wrapping up a very good spy show.

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