Homebirth in the Hospital & Natural Hospital Birth

Homebirth in the Hospital by Stacey Marie Kerr (2009) — Dr. Kerr seems like a really sweet woman. I really, really wanted to like her book, which is a collection of personal essays by her patients concerning their hospital births. However, there was just too much “hospital” and not enough “homebirth,” IMO. What I mean is, too many of the stories involved entirely elective or unnecessary interventions. Several of them involved women who never would have been good candidates for homebirth to begin with. As I said above, I’m not an NCB/homebirth advocate, but this book did not leave me particularly reassured on the prospects of having a natural childbirth in the hospital. 2/5 stars.

Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel (2011) — I loved this book. It was so sensible and down-to-earth and gave very clear guidelines on how to turn down unnecessary interventions and have a natural childbirth in the hospital. I wish it had been around when I gave birth the first time; I think it would have kept me from panicking when I went into labor. And I seriously wish I could go out to lunch with Cynthia Gabriel. She seems like the kind of woman I could really be friends with. Also, props to her for thoroughly documenting her claims. 5/5 stars.

In one week, I am having my Mirena removed, although we won’t begin TTC until January 2013. I am a little anxious about taking it out. Fearful of the “Mirena Crash.”

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