The Business of Being Born & Your Best Birth

Some brief reviews of books I have read and/or movies I have seen:

The Business of Being Born (2008) directed by Abby Epstein — I thought it was propagandistic in places, but most documentaries are. It was generally well-edited and well-argued with interesting interviews. I watched a few of the made-for-television sequels and they were far less organized and interesting. I gave the full-length documentary 4/5 stars.

Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein (2010) — It’s pretty much the movie in book form. It’s well written and easy to read, and it does help you to re-think your options and reconsider medicalized hospital birth. Not that it condemns hospital birth, but it does encourage homebirth and natural birth. However, what really, really bothers me about the book is that Lake and Epstein do not document their many claims. It strikes me as a bit hypocritical to harp on the need for obstetricians to practice “informed consent,” and then not provide much-needed information to their own readers to back up their claims. You can’t tell me that Lake isn’t wealthy enough to have hired a research assistant who could handle this for her. The only excuse is laziness. 3.5/5 stars (and that rating might drop if I discover that their claims are false/exaggerated/made-up)

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